This blog presents Newcastle University’s research in arts, humanities and social sciences and showcases the positive contribution it makes to society, culture and the economy, of benefit to individuals, communities and organisations.

As well as highlighting current and anticipated impact, the blog outlines research findings of interest to non-academic stakeholders. It also presents some of the public engagement and dissemination activities that aim to bring research done in the Faculty to a wider non-academic audience.

The Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences is home to a vibrant, well-founded, and internationally prominent community of researchers. Our activities span a broad range of subject areas, and we have significant expertise and strength in areas such as:

  • understanding people
  • place and space
  • culture and heritage
  • identity and difference
  • organisation and economies
  • professional practice
  • language sciences and communication
  • governance and regulation
  • risk
  • conflict
  • ethics
  • security and justice
  • innovation
  • creativity and performance
  • knowledge and learning.