Undergraduate research: present at BCUR, get Newcastle to pay for it, CV points

If you are an undergraduate or a recent graduate with a piece of independent research that you’re proud of—or you’re a lecturer with students like that—please read on! Newcastle University is looking for people to represent us at the British Conference of Undergraduate Research 2018.

Practical, transferable skills! Taking your learning outside the University! CV points!

  • What: the British Conference of Undergraduate Research, the UK’s premier conference for research done at undergraduate level.
  • Where: University of Sheffield
  • When: 12-13 April 2018.
  • How: ten-minute talks, posters or installations

To recognise the great contribution that this could make to a CV and employability, we’re delighted and grateful that Suzanne Cholerton (PVC, Learning and Teaching) has agreed to sponsor up to 10 students to represent Newcastle at BCUR 2018.

Successful students will have the following paid for by Newcastle:

  • the BCUR conference fee, including accommodation and the conference dinner
  • return train travel to Sheffield (from Newcastle or from home, as it’s during the Easter vacation)
  • production of presentation materials (your poster if you choose that, and/or a handout)

For poster presenters, their poster or the proof version will also be displayed somewhere in the University (to be decided by their School) when they get back.

To apply, students must

send a 300-word abstract on their research

to bcur2018@newcastle.ac.uk

by Friday 8 December

(stating whether they would like to do a talk, a poster or an installation).

After 8 December, the abstracts will be judged by a panel from across Newcastle University, who will decide which ten students the University will sponsor.

Those students will then need to submit their abstracts to BCUR’s own judging, by a deadline in January. Based on past experience, though, anyone who wins funding from Newcastle University will be admitted to the conference with no problem.

Please submit your research, if you’re eligible, or encourage eligible students to submit, if you’re a lecturer! It’s a great opportunity to try doing what most people have to do throughout their careers, in academia or outside it: present information to audiences. And having got Newcastle sponsorship to attend (worth at least £200 per student, depending on the cost of their travel) is also great for their CV.

Further information: the Sheffield BCUR website above, or write to bcur2018@newcastle.ac.uk.

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