NUTELA 3Ps: Quizzing

From quizzing in the classroom to embedding quizzes in your recap recordings, our latest Pizza, Pop and Practice event covered them all (with a bit of a Christmas theme).

Our experts for this session were Marc Bennett (NUIT), Rebecca Gill (LTDS), Chris Graham (Mathematics, Statistics and Physics) and Carol Summerside (LTDS). They all provided a great overview of the different tools and the session ended with Laura Delgaty’s International Christmas Quiz with prizes for everyone.

Find out about each of the quizzing tools below:


The student response system which lets the audience submit responses through laptops, tablets and smartphones. There are a whole range of question types including multiple choice, multiple response and word clouds.

You might use in your lectures to:

  • Check that students have understood a concept or idea;
  • Facilitate groupwork;
  • Create charts and graphs to show opinion within the group.

Favourite features: Open ended text responses and easy PowerPoint integration.

Find out more at OMBEA

Workshop: OMBEA: Engaging students in lectures with digital polling

ReCap quizzes

Carol and Marc took the group through the new quizzing tool in the latest version of ReCap. You might use to make your lecture recordings more interactive or make your own recording using personal capture.

Favourite features: The ability to add your quizzes in context, making your recording a brilliant blended learning resource.

Find out more at: ReCap

Workshops Getting started with ReCap Personal Capture

Getting started with ReCap in Teaching Spaces

MS Forms Quizzes

Quizzes in MS Forms can be accessed through Office 365. You can choose who to share your quiz with as users don’t need a university log in. Although you can’t tie results into Blackboard Grade Centre it can be a good tool to use in outreach or with groups of students who aren’t studying the same module.

Favourite features: A nice reporting feature and the ability to give individual feedback to respondents.

Find out more at MS Forms

Blackboard tests

Christmas cracker jokes were the theme for the Blackboard session and Rebecca demonstrated how Blackboard tests support a range of automatically and manually marked question types, and can be used for formative and summative assessment.

Favourite features: A great range of question types, ability to add feedback for correct and incorrect answers, automatic item analysis to evaluate test questions.

Find out more at:  Blackboard Tests

Workshops Introduction to Blackboard Tests

Next Steps with Blackboard Tests   


Chris showed the group Numbas, developed at Newcastle University to help students who struggle with a high level of assumed mathematical knowledge. Numbas includes a whole bank of tests as well as allowing users to create their own questions. It can be used for both formative and summative assessment.

Favourite features: Make your own mind up by taking the Festive Numbas quiz

Find out more at Numbas or take a look at the transition to university material on the ASK website

Have you used any of these quizzing tools? Let us know what you think of them in the comments below.


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