Learning and teaching in HE: join a weekly #LTHEchat

An image of a bird symbolising a weekly chat on Twitter about HE.
Take part in the weekly #LTHEchat

If you are interested in connecting with other people who work in learning and teaching in higher education, you might be interested in #LTHEchat – a weekly social media based event. Every week, people from the UK and beyond take part in a one hour Twitter based chat about a topic related to learning and teaching.

#LTHEchat (Learning and Teaching in Higher Education chat) was an idea conceived by Dr Chrissi Nerantzi and shared with Sue Beckingham as an opportunity for educators in higher education to discuss learning and teaching. It started in 2014, and has been archiving the regular discussions on the #LTHEchat blog ever since. All the material there is openly available under a Creative Commons license.

Inspired by the hugely successful #edchat, #LTHEchat is open to anyone interested in higher education and provides an opportunity to share practices and ideas, as well as connect with other practitioners on a regular basis.

Each week the chat has a focus on a specific aspect of learning and teaching in HE. You can vote for your favourite topic. The topic of the week is communicated on the blog and also via Twitter from @LTHEchat and the hashtag #LTHEchat.

Since its inception #LTHEchat has created a real community of practice. All you need is a Twitter account, and to use #LTHEchat in your tweets. It’s great fun, a great way to connect with others and you can even do it from the sofa with a cup of tea….

#LTHEchat every Wednesday 8-9pm GMT on Twitter

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