Star Case Study: Dr Rajesh Tiwari: Flipped Classroom Videos

Enhance the variety of teaching, create a resource students like to engage with and save time in the long run.  These are just a few positive outcomes Dr Rajesh Tiwari, School of Engeneering,  has seen through his use of videos when using a flipped classroom approach.

The videos work brilliantly well when Rajesh wants to give information about practical skills, as well as when there are difficult concepts that need some extra explanation.

Photo of Dr Rajesh Tiwari, School of Engineering
Dr Rajesh Tiwari, School of Engineering

Student Voice

Students have fedback some really positive comments about the videos:

“I have found that the flipped videos are very useful when solving questions which could be tutorials or past exam papers. During times like that, when students have misunderstandings and send e-mails to the module leaders or lecturers, the response would most likely be in the form of a reply to the email which helps sometimes or makes the students even more confused and there’s only so much information that can be passed along in an email. This is where the flipped videos come in handy as the lecturer actually goes through the question step by step by hand and it feels like you have your very own personal tutor.”
Habiba Hulilu, MSc student

“I found flipped video to be a very useful tool when revising as it meant I could benefit from other people’s questions as well as receiving answers to my own.”
Jemima Kirk, Final year BEng student

“The flipped videos were really useful because they allowed the lecturer to show step-by-step how to tackle questions and provided a new method of revision.”
Kathryn Harder, Final year BEng student

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