Evidencing Teaching Excellence as part of promotion applications

Are you interested in applying for promotion in whole or in part on the basis of your teaching?

Newcastle University has a programme to support staff with their applications.  It may be of particular interest to staff intending to make an application to the 2018-19 or 2019-20 promotion rounds.

You can find full details of the programme on the LTDS website

Marita Grimwood
Marita Grimwood, Learning and Teaching Consultant


As part of the programme there are a number of one to one sessions with Marita Grimwood, Learning and Teaching Consultant, arranged for Tuesday 17th and Tuesday 24th April. You can use this opportunity to discuss how you might most effectively gather and present your own evidence of excellent teaching.

You are welcome to attend if you have already been to an initial workshop or if you didn’t attend this workshop and would like to find out more.

If you are interested or want to find out more please email LTDS@ncl.ac.uk

You can view case studies of staff promoted on the basis of excellent or exceptional teaching on the LTDS website

Feedback from previous attendees.

 “I was fortunate to meet with Marita to review the process for promotion. The jump from Senior Lecturer to Reader is new, and quite complex. We reviewed what is required for submission, discussed institutional strategies and direction. Overall, a very helpful discussion to inform the framework for my application. I did not apply, but am hoping to in the future and this early strategy discussion will prove invaluable.”

Laura Delgaty, Senior Lecturer, School of Medical Education

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