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Support for flexible learning from the Library and Writing Development Centre

Our teams are here to support and collaborate with you as you rethink your students’ skills provision for the coming academic year.

In 2020/21, Library inductions for all undergraduates and taught postgraduates will be delivered non-synchronously online through the central University induction programme. Therefore, there is no need for you to book an induction session with us as part of a separate programme timetable. Our induction materials will introduce students to the services and resources we offer, and equip them with essential literature searching skills, including finding and accessing academic information via Library Search.

Beyond induction (for example, for students working on dissertations or projects), we‘re developing a range of adaptable online learning resources suitable for embedding into Canvas, and will work with you to develop content tailored for your subject area that can be embedded within your modules. These are very well-suited to non-synchronous delivery, with opportunities for further support via Q&A sessions, discussions etc.

Our offer includes structured learning activities, such as short Canvas modules, featuring video guides and activities to develop and assess understanding; online tutorials to enhance relevant graduate skills; self-directed skills auditing to help students plan for independent learning; and short videos to demonstrate search strategies for key information resources. 

To find out more, including examples and lesson plans, please visit our flexible learning site and get in touch with your Liaison team to request content for your Canvas module. 

The Writing Development Centre has adapted its provision for 2020/21 to fulfil our commitment to tailored, embedded teaching in the curriculum. We are creating a pool of bitesize, flexible and adaptable online resources and activities in a variety of media and formats, which can be embedded into Canvas.

At your request, these can be combined into bespoke ‘bundles’ to meet the particular requirements of your teaching and assessment, and your students’ specific learning needs. These bundles offer a more extended way to support your students’ academic skills development over time, including opportunities for structured independent learning.

Our provision bundles might be used to enhance study skills development across a core module, to support a particular assignment, help students adapt to flexible online learning or can also be used to augment Personal Tutoring and feedback. We invite commissions for creating bespoke resources or adapting existing ones to suit your discipline and stage of your students.

Our remit includes:

  • Assessment and feedback literacy (interpreting assignment genres and assessment criteria, and using feedback to develop),
  • Academic Literacies (the process of writing, developing discipline- level- and genre- appropriate academic discourse and epistemological practices)
  • Learning to learn (including reflection, critical thinking, revision and exam technique, time management, learning in lectures etc, reading and note-taking, independent learning and self-development).

To find out more, including examples of what we could offer, or to commission provision, please contact us at

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