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Each year I offer medical students the opportunity to make a teaching video to illustrate something that they feel would aid the teaching of psychiatry to medical student as part of a Student Selected Component (SSC). This year Matthew Higgins a Stage 4 student put together a video illustrating some features of schizophrenia. It’s been posted on the schizophrenia page and can be seen below with a description by Matt.

Grant’s story: “I just knew…”

The patient’s description of a delusional mood and atmosphere is typical of the prodromal phases of schizophrenia. In the video he describes simply not feeling right and a strong sense that something bad was about to happen, but despite his certainty, he is unable to explain what made him feel this way at that time.

He describes the moment when he first realised the significance of his delusional mood during a brief encounter with a neighbour. He attaches delusional meaning to a normal perception, demonstrating delusional perception. He is convinced as to the significance of this seemingly innocent everyday interaction and his absolute conviction is impervious to the interviewer’s logical reasoning.

Subsequent to this encounter the patient develops delusions of persecution and experiences persecutory 3rd person auditory hallucinations.

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