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Hearing voices

The experience of hearing voices is potentially one of the most distressing that patients presenting to psychiatrists have. Of course hearing a voice does not equate to illness as most, if not all, people will hear a voice at least … Continue reading

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Stigma rears its ugly head

So yet again people with mental illness find themselves subject to stigma. On Monday 7 October 2013 The Sun newspaper alleged in a full page headline that over a ten year period 1,200 people had been killed by “mental patients”. … Continue reading

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British Science Festival

The British Science Festival is in Newcastle this week (finishing tomorrow). I’ve just run a workshop called ‘Hearing Voices‘, which seemed to go down reasonably well. As I promised the participants they could access the slides I have no uploaded … Continue reading

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You are now ill…

You may well have seen much in the press about DSM-5, which was released last week. A previous post highlighted concerns voiced by Allen Frances about the path that DSM-5 was taking. Frances was the chair of the task force that … Continue reading

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Home movies of Sigmund Freud

httpvh:// The founding father of psychoanalysis, Sigmund Freud is shown here in an edited collection of clips from the Freud family’s home movies. The narration is by his daughter Anna Freud, a psychonanalyst herself who along with Melanie Klein was … Continue reading

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Drug street names UK vs Malaysia

As part of their SSC on of our NUMed Stage 4 students compared the drug street names and patterns of use in the UK and Malaysia. They have kindly made their presentation available to share. You can download the file … Continue reading

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Do No Harm: Why do some people want to cut off a perfectly healthy limb?

Body dysmorphohobic disorder ( ICD 10 F45.2 ) can occur as a disorder on its own or as a symptom of other disorders e.g. depression. It’s defined as: A type of mental illness, a somatoform disorder, wherein the affected person … Continue reading

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What is it like to be a psychiatrist?

The Royal College of Psychiatrists has just produced a vide aiming to answer questions medical students (and presumably others) might have about becoming a psychiatrist. It’s on YouTube (and now below): httpvh:// Another (animated) film dealing with the same topic … Continue reading

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Watching The Lights Go Out: a blog about Alzheimer’s

A Twitter feed I follow (@brainpicker) drew my attention to a blog written by a doctor with Alzheimer’s. I could try and explain what it’s about but the easiest and most eloquent way to do so is actually to quote the blog … Continue reading

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The power of work

One of the ways in which mental illness has such a negative impact on people’s lives is by driving them to withdraw from social contact,out of employment and in a downward spiral of self recrimination and loneliness. A potent way … Continue reading

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