Hearing voices

The experience of hearing voices is potentially one of the most distressing that patients presenting to psychiatrists have. Of course hearing a voice does not equate to illness as most, if not all, people will hear a voice at least once in their life. For those who hear voices as part of an illness the experience can be quite disabling. Following on from the British Science Festival workshop two versions of the video have been posted on the ‘Psychiatry Teacher’ Vimeo Channel. They can both be found below. They are of an interview with a man who has schizophrenia. He can be seen being asked about his current symptoms. He is, during the interview, experiencing auditory hallucinations that interfere with his ability to concentrate on the conversation. There are periods when he pauses, loses the thread of the conversation and looks distracted. In the fist version of the clip you, the viewer, can hear the voice he is experiencing at the same time as the conversation between him and the psychiatrist. In the second version of the clip the auditory hallucination cannot be heard and you see the conversation as it would appear to an observer.

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