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Hearing voices

The experience of hearing voices is potentially one of the most distressing that patients presenting to psychiatrists have. Of course hearing a voice does not equate to illness as most, if not all, people will hear a voice at least … Continue reading

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Stigma rears its ugly head

So yet again people with mental illness find themselves subject to stigma. On Monday 7 October 2013 The Sun newspaper alleged in a full page headline that over a ten year period 1,200 people had been killed by “mental patients”. … Continue reading

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Epigenetic clue to schizophrenia and bipolar disorder

There’s an interesting article and an editorial in the New Scientist about epigenetics a subject highlighted in a previous post linked to a Radio 4 broadcast. The New Scientist article  addresses the issue that whilst monozygotic twins share genetic material the risk … Continue reading

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New video by SSC student

Each year I offer medical students the opportunity to make a teaching video to illustrate something that they feel would aid the teaching of psychiatry to medical student as part of a Student Selected Component (SSC). This year Matthew Higgins … Continue reading

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New video uploaded

A new teaching video has been uploaded to the various video sites we use and posted on this site on the schizophrenia page. The video illustrates several forms of catatonia including waxy flexibility, forced grasping, opposition, negativism and aversion.

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Schizophrenia among British African Caribbean groups

The Guardian today contains two [1; 2] articles which describe responses to an research examining the prevalence of schizophrenia in black and minority ethnic people in the UK. The response is because the original piece of research has had a … Continue reading

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