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Stigma rears its ugly head

So yet again people with mental illness find themselves subject to stigma. On Monday 7 October 2013 The Sun newspaper alleged in a full page headline that over a ten year period 1,200 people had been killed by “mental patients”. … Continue reading

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The Killing of Kelly Thomas

Usually in trawling the internet one comes across curios or items that are of passing interest and hopefully highlight educational issues. Sometimes, however, what is turned up just makes you plain angry. Stigma as an issue has been highlighted previously … Continue reading

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Reforming education: “ADHD is a fictitious epidemic”

A smartly animated talk by Ken Robinson primarily discussing the need, in his view, to reform education but with a nicely articulated sideswipe at the claim some people make that there is an epidemic of ADHD. httpvh://

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Portrayal of people with mental health problems as violent

We’re all used to the portrayal of people with a current or previous history of mental health problems as violent. If you work in the field then it is a daily issue when visiting patients outrside mental health units as the stigma … Continue reading

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Manufacturing depression

In an article published in The Observer on Sunday Gary Greenberg is interviewed following publication of his new book “Manufacturing Depression”. In his book Greenberg discusses his history of depressive symptomatology and calls into question the wholesale prescription of anti-depressants … Continue reading

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