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The Killing of Kelly Thomas

Usually in trawling the internet one comes across curios or items that are of passing interest and hopefully highlight educational issues. Sometimes, however, what is turned up just makes you plain angry. Stigma as an issue has been highlighted previously … Continue reading

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New mental health legislation resources uploaded

Whilst we had updated our mental health legislation resources not so long ago with the opening of our NUMed campus there’s a clear need to have materials that match the needs of students in Malaysia as well as the UK. … Continue reading

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Defining mental illness

In the ‘Overview‘ section of this site the handout (linked to the TSM introductory lecture for the ‘Tired all the time’ case) discusses the difficulty of making psychiatric diagnoses. The lecture and handout refer to ICD-10 and DSM-IV but both … Continue reading

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Consequences of trauma

Sometimes you’ll come across something worth posting serendipitously and not from a source that you would normally associate with medical resources. Today was one of those days. My usual RSS feed from Singletrack magazine contained their “Midweek Mini Movies” feature. … Continue reading

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Friday video

Only one or two new videos this Friday as I’m busy updating the site with new videos and content. This first is from Vimeo and is  a letter written and narrated by a mother longing for her child. It’s a … Continue reading

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Eating disorder video posted

Whilst the video content isn’t new, having previously been available as a RealMedia file on the old teaching website this has been re-edited, reformatted and some content added before being posted on Vimeo. It sets out the story of ‘Beccy’ … Continue reading

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Materials of interest

Friday is the day I usually try and trawl the interweb to try and find resources of interest for teaching or just for interest. The first item is a short animated film about panic that manages to convey the impact … Continue reading

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