2008 Abstracts Stage 3

Have advances in communication technology facilitated a modern era or brought about postmodernity?

Charlie Holt, 2008, Stage 3

The idea that I decided to look at was that of technology, more specifically the internet. The reason I used this was to enable a sense of relevance to my peers as we have all enjoyed a privileged upbringing when it comes to the availability we have at our disposal of technology. We are all able to use the internet through the resources we have had at school, in local libraries and even here at university. As a result of this we are inflicted to a multitude of facts and opinions. When looking at it philosophically we are bound to notice that with this growth in technology we have inevitably felt a shift in culture. I intend to show a radical change in the way that we are now able to interact with the world and voice our opinions. This will inevitably be shown through tracing the line from which the newspaper changed from being the only means of global information, to the culmination of the internet and its use for informing people of the news. My project aims at showing the change in culture due to the growth in communication technology.

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