2023 Abstracts Stage 3

Alienation and Identity within Kafka’s Works: A Psychological and Metaphysical Exploration of the Human Condition.

This essay explores the themes of alienation and identity within Kafka’s collected works. The study examines the suffering of his characters psychologically through R. D. Laing and Debord and metaphysically through Schopenhauer and Buddhism. The essay focuses on texts such as “Metamorphosis”, “The Castle” and shorter works such as “A Country Doctor” and “The Judgement”. Overall, it intends to use literary and philosophical analysis to interpret Kafka’s understanding of the human condition.

2022 Abstracts Stage 3

Alienation within the Service Industry

I will use Marx’s concept of alienation to understand experience of workers within the service industry. Ultimately this dissertation will find that Marx’s concept of alienation still applies to work today.