All About NUFS – Newcastle University Fashion Society

What is NUFS -Newcastle University Fashion Society?

Are you passionate about Fashion? Do you want to be involved around creative people? NUFS -Newcastle University Fashion Society- provides students with activities such as weekly sewing classes, photography, content creation, writing, styling, modelling workshops and other social events. As well as, our grand annual fashion show!

What I achieved from NUFS?

I am Dabin, a part of the Editorial Team of NUFS, designer for an upcoming fashion show, and am now working as a blogging director as well. When I first went to the meeting for the fashion show, my mind was totally blown up and decided to contribute to this society deeply. Fashion society is well structured team by team and I couldn’t believe the real fashion show would be held by students! That’s why I tried to play various roles in this society. Participating in NUFS was an enjoyable experience and opportunity to talk with positive and enthusiastic people about fashion. During the weekly team meeting for the Editorial Team, I could learn how to develop ideas starting from keywords to visualised results.

Specifically, I was involved in the HipHop X Jazz team and worked for styling and overall contents. I could realise what I really love by meeting people who are all interested in fashion and are creative. Each part of the process from discussion towards the result of images was a stunning experience which I couldn’t have learned this teamwork if I didn’t join Fashion society. Selecting locations that get along with our team’s concept and preparing the clothes for HipHop and Jazz, considering the camera angles and model poses was part of the process. I can’t forget that day. Passionate people and nice weather flowed positive energy and filled me.

I am proud of myself, as I have gone from someone who just loves fashion, to having a responsible role in NUFS especially with our recent editorial Fashion x Music.

What has the Fashion society done recently? What has the Editorial Team done with the Fashion X Music theme?

This term’s theme of NUFS Editorial Team is Fashion X Music. “ Music and Fashion have always been interwoven. Each artist has their own sense of style that sometimes is so powerful and specific that it pours out into the entire genre that it becomes a uniform for artists in the same genre.” Fejiro Ovah, Editorial blog director explained the inspiration for Fashion X Music.

With the close relationship between fashion and music, each music genre has their own symbolised style. For example, we can often find Rock stars like David Bowie who has sported numerous iconic outfits, and Bad Bunny, known for his eccentric style, which represents Latin-American music. We were inspired by the ‘Gen Z’ Style, referring to the outfits and aesthetic, where in TIkTok this style saw a revival in pop culture. Short videos on this social media platform have shown people born around 1997 to 2012 called Gen Z combining fashion items into one outfit which contains many different genres.

After we decided on a ‘Gen Z’ keyword, the next step was to create a blog. We discussed genres which have distinctive characteristic styles for a mix and match; Y2K, K-Pop, Disco, Jazz, Hip Hop , Punk, Country, Latino, Grunge, Electronics and Rock. Six groups of the Editorial Team chose two genres to collaborate. NUFS Team members worked on styling masculine and feminine models, photography, and a makeup artist contributed to creating beautiful images for our Fashion X Music blog. visit here to look at the Fashion society Editorial Team blog. Your sense of creativity will be built up then surprised what we have done.

How does NUFS impact us?

Fejiro Ovah, a vice-president and an Editorial Team director, when asked on his experiences in the society stated, “It helped me tap into a new side of me that I didn’t know existed which is styling and directing. By volunteering at last year’s digital show, I have learned a lot of new skills such as modelling, photography, editing, videography, event and shoot planning. Also my colleagues are nice and welcoming, and very diverse.

What is the upcoming  Fashion show?

The theme of the 2022 show is mythology. We plan to showcase different mythological creatures in a modern and stylish way as well as adding a twist on traditional mythology’s dated stereotypes. What we have seen in traditional mythology is that it reinforces certain fixed ideas and biases. With this concept, the show aims to speak out about stereotypes that women face in the fashion industry and daily life by reflecting what mythology has defined. 

How is the show organised and what can I expect?

The show is organised entirely by students. With the motto of ‘by learning together’, we are trying to ensure that students’ ideas can come through. Thus, our designers are students. NUFS provides a sewing class and collection clothes are created there.

I am also a designer in the sewing class. We selected our fabrics from charity shops for sustainability. Everyone in this team is professional and all the related equipment like sewing machines and mannequins are provided. The sewing class director is a friendly and lovely teacher. Even though I didn’t know how to use a sewing machine, now I’m on my way making a jacket. If you would like to express your creativity but are hesitating to start because you are a beginner, don’t worry! Not only our student designers, also we are cooperating with two vintage shops to make the show more enjoyable.

Our first show featured denim concepts, and the second show was created digitally because of the pandemic. themed “Human Interference” representing the four elements of earth, water, fire, and air.

Maddie Roberts, a president of NUFS says, “The show will be a fun event where we can show all of the talented members and provide an entertaining afternoon for everyone!”.

The location of this year’s show takes place in the Discovery Museum on 4th June. The door opens at 1pm and the show starts at 2pm. If you want an amusing time, or give yourself some creative inspiration, or would just like to indulge in our unique range of fashion that will be on display, then please come and see the dedication of over 30 students that have helped the team to produce a glamourous show! Ticket prices start from £14. You can find more information below.

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