Balancing act: filming for falls at Circus Central

The digital media team captured some wonderful images at Circus Central for our upcoming course Ageing Well: Falls which starts on the 24th November. You can sign up through the FutureLearn pages.

Vladamir web

The footage shows Vladamir walking a wire and standing on a barrel. This will become part of a video illustrating how amazing the body is at balancing. We hope that exploring the science of balance and walking upright, will help course participants understand how to manage the risk of falling and possible preventative measures covered in the course.

Vladamir (pictured on the wire) has 45 years experience as a performer, including tours with the Moscow State Circus. He is now settled in Gateshead, and teaches classes at Circus CentralĀ  (based in the Christ Church Building on Shieldfield Green in Newcastle). Circus Central’s mission is ‘to provide access to fun, high quality circus experiences for everyone’. They have a growing range of workshops for all ages and levels and can provide circus workshops, parties and trainings for groups. Find out more about Circus Central at


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