Higher Education Academy: Communities of Practice

Are you looking to share knowledge and ideas with higher education professionals nationally and globally?

The Higher Education Academy (HEA)  Communities of Practice offer an exciting opportunity for members to take part in discussions, webinars, blogs, thought platforms and more .  Communities  focus on a number of keys areas including employability,  and assessment and feedback.

Interested? Read on to find out more.

What are some of the benefits?

You can:

  • Share ideas
  • Access resources
  • Discover collaborative opportunities
  • Find out about effective practice
  • Use communities as support for your HEA fellowship claim.

What communities are available?

  • Flexible learning
  • Employability
  • Access, retention, attainment and progression
  • Assessment and feedback

How can I join?

These communities are open to all Newcastle University staff and you can request to join the community you are interested in by visiting the HEA website

Where can I find out more?

The HEA website includes further information about the Communities of Practice including full details of what each community might cover.

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