A review of Student evaluation for Inspera  

Inspera Assessment, one of the University’s Digital Exam platforms, is in its third academic year of deployment. Following the launch of Inspera, the Learning and Teaching Development Service (LTDS) have asked for student feedback annually. Such feedback aids LTDS to ensure we are continually developing the service to improve student experience when taking an Inspera Digital Exam.  

  • 142 students submitted their feedback in academic year 21-22  
  • 104 students submitted their feedback in academic year 22-23 

Our comparison findings: 

Students are reporting that they are more satisfied with Inspera Digital Exams in academic year 22-23 compared with 21-22.  An increase is also seen in its ease of use: 

Evaluation statements from Student Users 21-22 22-23 % increase (21-22 to 22-23) 
I found starting my Inspera exam somewhat or very easy 81% 89% +8% 
I found submitting my Inspera exam somewhat or very easy 80% 93% +13% 
I am satisfied or very satisfied with my experience of taking an exam(s) using Inspera within a PC Cluster venue 73% 79% +6% 
I have tried at least one Inspera demo exam  60% 73% +13% 

The use of demo or practice Inspera exams is also on the up. Students reporting using demos more so in 22-23 compared with 21-22; this is reflected in the increased figures on the self-enrol Student Inspera Demo Canvas course. Enrolment figures across the demo exams showed an 87% increase in usage for 22-23.  

Student engagement with Inspera demos is encouraging and LTDS would like to thank all colleagues who are promoting the use of demo exams to aid students’ familiarity with the Inspera platform. Try it out or share with your students: Student Inspera Demo Course

Next Steps 

LTDS will be requesting feedback from students for our current academic year after Semester 2’s assessment period. Where possible please encourage your students to complete the form as it helps to continue the improvement of the service. 

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