Watching The Lights Go Out: a blog about Alzheimer’s

PET Scan of Alzheimer's Disease Brain

PET Scan of Alzheimer's Disease Brain. (Credit: NIH/National Institute On Aging)

A Twitter feed I follow (@brainpicker) drew my attention to a blog written by a doctor with Alzheimer’s. I could try and explain what it’s about but the easiest and most eloquent way to do so is actually to quote the blog author himself.

“In September of 2012 I learned that I had a “progressive cognitive impairment,” almost certainly Alzheimer’s disease. This blog is the story of my day-to-day life with this illness and my reflections upon it. We tend to be scared of Alzheimer’s or embarrassed by it. We see it as the end of life rather than a phase of life with all its attendant opportunities for growth, learning, and relationships. We see only the suffering and miss the joy. We experience only the disappearing cognitive abilities and ignore the beautiful things that can appear.”

The blog “Watching the Lights Go Out” is well worth the read.

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