Sound Foundations

I’ve recently moved to the worlds most echoey office.

From journeys in the MOOCosphere so far we know that learners really value good quality sound – so I was keen to test out what microphones I could possibly use next time we needed to record a soundtrack for a VideoScribe or Camtasia project.

I had a collection to try out:

  • A Logitech web cam  (this really shows how nasty the room is)
  • A Plantronics dsp 400 USB mic
  • A lapel mic I got with a digital recorder
  • A Plantronics audio 300 USB mic

You can hear how I got on with this audio track

… and my conclusions – either of the USB headset microphones sounded just fine!

NB: I used Audacity (free) to create this track, saved the file on our streaming server ( and have inserted the track into the blog via the url.