RSS Thingymajig

We’re into week 2 of our LTDS DigiSkills project – in which we have been given permission to play with a few technologies (in work time) and pocket a few more skills for the future.

Last week we looked at blogging, this week it’s RSS.  I’m an intermittent consumer of blogs – dipping in when I’m forced to do things like wait for a delayed metro.  For this my tool of choice is Feedly which I jumped on when Google Reader had it’s sad demise.  Feedly works really well on my phone and is on hand to help those platform moments slip by.

In my Thing2 time I’ve chosen to have a look at an RSS reader for Chrome. It looks like this:


Now, I have to admit I quite like this.  It occurs to me that the news I wish to consume on my own time is very different to that I want to read at work.

So maybe I’ll keep this going in Chrome and add a few more worky feeds in!