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An artist’s representation of their mental illness

Performance artist Bobby Baker kept a diary of drawings charting her struggles and eventual recovery from cancer and depression. The Guardian has a slideshow, with voiceover by Bobby Baker herself, showing some of the drawings. It’s well worth a look.

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Delirium: Essential Facts – a slideshow

MBBS Course Director for Mental Health Andrew Teodorczuk has produced a slideshow with voice over covering some of the essential data relating tot he condition delirium. It is available on Vimeo and can be found below:

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Video of a challenging interview

A few years back colleagues at Newcastle General Hospital put together some teaching materials around interview skills. This video shows an interview of a man with depression who, due to his level of irritability, is somewhat difficult to engage with … Continue reading

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New video from SSC student

During his SSC to develop a psychiatry teaching video, fourth year medical student John Hayton, chose to look at the topic of deliberate self harm. The result is a video entitled, “I can’t stop thinking about it…” In the film, … Continue reading

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DSH – Guest post by SSC student John Hayton

There is increasing interest in psychiatry, or at least it is more visible, amongst the student body with an active student society and many students requesting Student Selected Components (SSC) in psychiatry. This post is by one such student. John … Continue reading

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Dopamine and the anticipation of pleasure

Dr. Robert Sapolsky work as professor of biology and neurology at Stanford University and as a research associate with the Institute of Primate Research at the National Museum of Kenya. Here he talks on the “Science of Pleasure California Academy … Continue reading

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Epigenetic clue to schizophrenia and bipolar disorder

There’s an interesting article and an editorial in the New Scientist about epigenetics a subject highlighted in a previous post linked to a Radio 4 broadcast. The New Scientist article  addresses the issue that whilst monozygotic twins share genetic material the risk … Continue reading

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At the Royal College of Psychiatrists’ Annual Postgraduate Medical Education Conference last week. The Dean (Robert Howard) was talking about the need for inspiring teaching and recommended that we start by thinking about who inspired us. Looking for some resources … Continue reading

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The Killing of Kelly Thomas

Usually in trawling the internet one comes across curios or items that are of passing interest and hopefully highlight educational issues. Sometimes, however, what is turned up just makes you plain angry. Stigma as an issue has been highlighted previously … Continue reading

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New mental health legislation resources uploaded

Whilst we had updated our mental health legislation resources not so long ago with the opening of our NUMed campus there’s a clear need to have materials that match the needs of students in Malaysia as well as the UK. … Continue reading

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