Newcastle Asynchronous Workshop 2016

We have just hosted an extraordinary event here, including

Newcastle Concurrency Workshop:

Newcastle Asynchronous Workshop:


Newcastle Workcraft Tutorial:

The main organisers of these workshops were Maciej Koutny, Andrey Mokhov and Danil Sokolov

The workshops attracted more than 30 external attendees and speakers.

Part of the Asynchronous Workshop was linked with a Festschrift event for my 60th birthday, where Andrey Mokhov gave me a special Festchrift volume edited by him and printed by Newcastle University publishing service. The book cosists of 30 essays written by 55 researchers from different parts of the world – they included my colleagues in the Async community, Newcastle colleagues, my former and current PhD students and some good friends and colleagues with many years of friendship and collaboration.

The book exists in electronic format and if someone wishes to have a copy, please contact Andrey Mokhov who will send you the pdf file.

At this workshop I gave a talk about the 25-year history of Asynchronous Research at Newcastle. Here are the slides of my talk:

This Asynchronous World-AlexY