3. Evidence collection


Understanding spatial and temporal trends in biodiversity and ecosystem function data relies on an evidence base that is unbiased and representative of variation in both at landscape scales. Since 2009, we have been compiling biodiversity data collected from fragmented forested landscapes around the world (as part of the global BIOFRAG project) and biophysical vegetation structure data (as part of the GLOBAL LAI project). We have also started to compile data on mammal abundance change in response to roads feeding into our research on roads through rainforests.

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We believe in data sharing and strategic sampling designs for new data collections to support collaborative research efforts and maximise research outputs. Please contact us if you want access to data or want to contribute data.

Active projects: (1) Roads and mammals in rainforests. Link. (2) Biodiversity responses to habitat fragmentation. Link. (3) Tropical vegetation canopies under global change. Link.