7. Teaching-Training

As a group, we are leading on and contributing to several courses teaching at UG and PG level at Newcastle University. We supervise and offer projects on topics we research on and are happy to help you organise an international student research project for your final dissertation. If you choose one of our key research landscapes for your dissertation project: even better.

Teaching: find more about our teaching here. Courses at Newcastle University. UG – Biodiversity Science and Policy (20 credits), Africa Field Course (10 credits). PG – Dynamics of Coupled Human and Natural Systems (20 credits), ArcGIS and Remote Sensing.

Training: find more about our capacity training here. We have provided training in the use of earth observation data and products for analysing land use change and mapping forest structure attributes.

Research projects: find more about landscapes we work in and projects we are mostly interested in to contribute to our research here.