2. The Group

Head of lab: Prof Marion Pfeifer. Chair in Landscape Ecology and Management. I am accepting applications for PhD students, research visits and postdoctoral fellowships. Drop me an email: marion.pfeifer@ncl.ac.uk

Eleanor Moore (co-supervised by Prof  Teh from NU and Dr Pete Howson from Northumbria University and case partner IUCN SUSTAIN): ‘Assessing benefits and opportunities from tree planting in the Southern Agricultural Growth Corridor of Tanzania‘. Funded through One Planet DTP. October 2020 to April 2024. Eleanor Moore | TROPS – TROPical landScapes (ncl.ac.uk)

Twitter: @mooreofeleanor; Email: e.s.moore2@newcastle.ac.uk. LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/eleanor-moore-0a6740182/

Rebekah Puttick (co-supervised by Prof Teh  from NU and Dr Andrew Suggitt from Northumbria University, and case partner Sarawak Oil Pams Berhad): ‘Forest restoration in degraded tropical forest landscapes: facilitating restoration towards joint biodiversity, climate change, and social outcomes‘. Funded through One Planet DTP. October 2020 to April 2024. Bekah Puttick | TROPS – TROPical landScapes (ncl.ac.uk)

Twitter: @rebekahputtick; Email: R.Puttick@newcastle.ac.uk; LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/rebekah-puttick-248560134/. 

William Ovenden (co-supervised by Prof Teh  from NU). ‘Ecosystem functioning – crop yield mapping and monitoring using remote sensing and crop growth models‘ This project will be implemented on the Agrisys Tanzania landscape. Funded through Newcastle University. October 2020 – September 2023. Email: WW.Ovenden@newcastle.ac.uk.

Natasha Mannion (Co-supervised by Dr Gaulton at NU and Prof Willis at Durham University). ‘Infrastructure expansion in Brunei – Mammals and the Temburong Bridge‘. This research will build on Laura Braunholtz’s PhD work but will focus on the mammal impacts of the new bridge constructed in Brunei. For this, we collaborate with Prof Slik and Prof Grafe in Brunei. Funded through IAPETUS DTP. October 2020 – March 2024. Email: N.Mannion2@newcastle.ac.uk.

Natasha Mannion | TROPS – TROPical landScapes (ncl.ac.uk)

Sheena Davis (Co-supervised by Dr Sanderson at NU and Prof Stephens at Durham University). ‘Restoration of riparian habitats on sugarcane plantations for bird diversity, bird – regulated ecosystem services and climate change mitigation and adaptation in rural tropical landscapes, Tanzania’. Funded through IAPETUS DTP. October 2023 – March 2027. Email: S.M.Davis2@newcastle.ac.uk.

Instagram: @sheedavis @wander.wild_ Linkedin:  Sheena Davis | LinkedIn

Jelaine L. Gan (Co-supervised by Dr Shirley at NU). ‘An Analysis of Bird Mobility and Community Responses to Forest Fragmentation in Northeast Luzon, Philippines’. Funded through Philippines government and other funders. April 2022 – March 2025. Email: J.Gan4@newcastle.ac.uk. Jelaine Gan | TROPS – TROPical landScapes (ncl.ac.uk)

Socials: Twitter- https://twitter.com/jelaine_gan LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/in/jelaine-gan-56b65a189/ Email – jelainegan21@gmail.com; j.gan4@newcastle.ac.uk  Google Scholar: https://scholar.google.com/citations?user=PK7uMYUAAAAJ&hl=en 

Molly Watson, (Co-supervised by Prof Rushton at NU). ‘: Investigating Site Selection and Promoting Habitat Connectivity to Autumn Swarming Sites for Bats in Northern England’. MRes Ecology. September 2023 – August 2024. Molly Watson | TROPS – TROPical landScapes (ncl.ac.uk)

Email: m.p.watson1@newcastle.ac.uk; mollywatson.lastunas@gmail.com; LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/molly-watson-40a4b8239/

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