Agrisys Tanzania

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Project title: What to plant, when and where? – designing integrated forest-agricultural landscapes to enhance multiple livelihood benefits to and from agriculture.

Duration: 01/04/2019 – 30/03/2022

Funder: GCRF Agri systems research to enhance livelihoods in developing countries implemented through BBSRC UK

Project Team:

PI: Dr Marion Pfeifer, TROPS lab, SNES, Newcastle University, UK

CoIs: Dr Susannah Sallu, University of Leeds, UK; Dr Deo Shirima, Sokoine University of Agriculture, Tanzania; Dr Darren Evans, Newcastle University, UK; Dr Esther Kioko, National Museums Kenya

Project partners: Dr Andrew Marshall (University of Sunshine Coast, Australia), expert consultant on workpackages 1 (data collection) and 4 (impact generation); Prof Roy Gereau (Missouri Botanical Garden, US), expert consultant for plant species identification (work package 1); M.A.P. Scientific Services as expert consultant company for bird species monitoring and mapping (work package 1); Agribusiness collaboration for co-production of research: Irvine Kanyemba (Kilombero Valley Team Company), Graham Anderson (Kilombero Plantations Limited), Guy Williams (Kilombero Sugar Company); NGO COCO Education Charity collaboration for impact generation: Jess Hamer; Government collaboration for co-production production of research: Elias Letayo (Tanzania Agricultural Research Institute, TARI), Prof Dos Santos Silayo (Tanzania Forest Service agency, TFS); NGO collaboration for co-production production of research: Dr Anthony Kimaro (World Agroforestry Centre ICRAF)

Project overview: