Examples of agroforestry – Images taken by Eleanor during her farm visits

This farmer is increasing tree cover across the farm, including these tree strips along a vehicle path seen here.  

An example of a parkland style implementation, to provide shelter and browsing for livestock. 

This is a small stream that has migratory fish, the farmer wants to restore more trees along the bank to reduce erosion, enhance the water and provide shelter for livestock.  

Extension of a small woodland area.  

Historic oak coppice trees, left in the field for cultural and aesthetic value as well as shelter for livestock. 

A shelter belt planted through a field.  

A shelterbelt planted through a field on more marginal land.  

This farmer is experimenting with different ways to implement parkland style agroforestry for shelter and browsing potential, he is concerned about the cost of hard fencing, so is trying a few different methods to see which can protect and allow trees to grow while reducing costs. 

This farmer wants to connect a small patch of woodland to the river to increase connectivity and help the farm reach a higher stewardship level, they are also interested in carbon credit scheme for this. They have chosen to use half of a grazing field to do this on more marginal land.  

This farmer described planting the trees on the left first and then learning from that experience to plant the ones on the right, they described what they had learnt around placing species together in clusters for ease of management, and also adding shrubs and smaller species to create a diversity of height.