CHANS – seminars

Here, we will present relevant seminars/webinars that have been given as part of the Ridley 2 seminar series (run at Newcastle University, School of Natural and Environmental Sciences, UK) and as part of the CHANS (Dynamics of Coupled Human and Natural Systems) course.

The aim is to showcase case studies working on CHANS (Dynamics of coupled human and natural systems). Some of these are part of Marion’s MSc level 20 credit course BIO8072, conveniently also labelled ‘the CHANS course.’ The course is part of several MSc degree programmes offered at Newcastle University, UK.

Dr Megan Evans, Lecturer and ARC DECRA Fellow, UNSW Canberra, Australia. Megan is a Lecturer and Research Fellow within the School of Business at the University of New South Wales, Canberra, Australia. Megan’s expertise sits broadly within environmental policy, governance and economics, with a focus on market-based instruments. Megan currently holds an Australian Research Council Discovery Early Career Research Award (DECRA) Fellowship which is examining the growth of private sector investment in biodiversity and natural capital. Ridley 2 seminar series. CHANS talk. ‘Understanding and engaging with conservation policy: what is the role of science?’ Email: Tweets at @megcevans

Dr Leanne Phelps, Research Fellow at University of Edinburgh; Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh and University of Lausanne. Dr Phelps works at the University of Lausanne and the University of Edinburgh on land use change on the African continent and the interactions between humans and animals (including pastoralist livelihoods). CHANS talk. ‘Reconstructing land use & land cover dynamics from the African Holocene‘. Email: Tweets @LeanneNPhelps

Prof Rachael Garrett, Prof of Environmental Policy at ETH Zurich. CHANS talk: ”Paying farmers for avoided deforestation in the Brazilian Cerrado: concerns from an equity and effectiveness perspective.” Prof Rachael Garrett works at ETH Zurich to find solutions to achieve zero-deforestation and zero forest degradation globally, while scaling up more sustainable land use practices and restoration of degraded ecosystems. Rachael is particularly interested in how commodity supply chains interact with environmental institutions to shape land use processes, resource distribution, and trade. Email: Tweets @rach_garr

Dr Rebecca Spake. Dr Spake (Becks) works at the University of Southampton as Postdoc in Applied Biogeography (School of Geography and Environmental Sciences). For more details on her research, see here: Her research interests lie in landscape sustainability and ecological synthesis. She focusses principally on forest ecosystems, given their importance to tackling the climate and extinction crises. Email: Tweets @BeckySpake.

Dr Marijn Bauters. Marijn is a Biogeochemical Scientist in the CAVElab (Ghent) working on biogeochemical nutrient cycles in tropical forests. His aim is to improve the understanding of the interaction of global change and these biomes, ultimately to lead to better conservation incentives and hence outcomes. For more details on his research: E-mail: