Visiting Geography at University of Zurich, Switzerland

Early mornings are dreadful, no matter how often one practices the ‘set alarm at 3:50 am, get up, fall into clothes, fall into cab, try to hold a polite conversation with lovely taxi driver, join the queues at the security lanes,… greedily grab the coffee at the nearest Costa outlet (or whatever these coffee outlets at airports are called).’

However, the flight was great. The sun was shining. The city run like an organised (and I mean very very organised) clock work. And the campus was super pretty. Even better, my hosts at, Hendrik and Felix, just received a cool little new terrestrial Lidar device produced by Leica. Almost tiny, in sleek design: such a beauty

The talk went well, and I used the time to relay my views on where we are and where we need to be when using remote sensing for monitoring towards Aichi Targets and SDGs. Thank you again for inviting me!

To download the talk: click Zurich – Presentation.





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