Updates from the team

(1) Visitors to the team: Daniel Da Silva is visiting from the Regional University of Blumenau in Brazil. He will work with us and colleagues from the wider research group (Modelling, Evidence and Policy) to do some complex system modelling of forest structure data collected from more than 300 plots across forest regions in Brazil. He will also do some exciting mapping with us. We look forward to sharing the canopy structure maps he will produce through papers and presentations next year.

(2) Field work: Laura has gone and returned from Gabon bringing back with her a ton of mammal images collected by her set of camera traps. She also joined the Agrisys Tanzania field team for the field work inception phase in the Kilombero Valley. She set up some more camera traps to allow us identifying mammal:crop interactions in the landscape, and more importantly provided training in the set-up and use of camera traps to our RAs. Thank you

(3) Our UG students have returned from Peru and will be presenting, today, on their research projects and more importantly on the exciting adventures they had in Peru. This will take place tonight at the great North Museum, Newcastle Upon Tyne (06/12).

(4) The head of the Tropical Landscapes lab has travelled to Ghent to attend Sruthi Moore’s defence of her excellent PhD thesis on ‘potential of terrestrial laser scanning for studying liana : tree interactions’. Whilst there, Marion also gave a seminar talk on the ‘monitoring of natural capital and biodiversity in human-modified tropical landscapes’.

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