Mintel – new interface

If you’re looking for market research related information then we’ve got a range of information sources for you. One of which is called Mintel, within our subscription we have access to trends, statistics, information on brands and companies and demographic data on a range of UK Sectors.

Mintel has recently went through some platforms changes so if you’ve used this source before you’ll see a different search screen when you access the website.

You’ll now see a search box when you can enter the word of the product, brand or sector e.g. Biscuits. Mintel tries to help you out and suggests topics for you. It also suggests names of reports which your keyword might fall into.

Within your results list, you’ll see the search banner where you can change the drop down. So you might want to only search “reports” instead of all content types. Instead of displaying your results by relevance you might want to re-sort to display the most recent results first.

On the search toolbar you can also browse in different ways :

  1. Category ; Select from pre-defined categories e.g. food, drink, retail. So this is good if you’re starting off broad or not sure which topic you’re looking. You can narrow down using the category suggestions.
  2. Trend Drivers : These are 7 different categories ranging from technology, wellbeing and experiences. These are key themes which might be important in the next 10 years. These tags feature are reports and you can search them thematically.
  3. Demographics; This section is being added to but the main ones are there e.g. gender and age.

Once you’ve located and accessed a report, you’ll find the same familiar layout. So use the drop down or content map to navigate to sections of the report.

Look out for the symbols which allow you to export sections of the report and then download them in different ways e.g. zip files.

Look out for “star” symbols so you can favourite reports to your own profile (if you’ve set one up which we recommend you do)

In the next few weeks as new help materials are released from Mintel we will update our own help pages to reflect the changes to the interface. If you’re logged into the platform click on the question mark symbol and there is a basic help PDF already available from Mintel.

Getting the most out of ebooks

We have over 6 million ebooks advertised on our catalogue, Library Search.

These can be a mixture of free available and subscription ebooks (which we’ve paid for).

They can be purchased as they feature on reading lists, or have been recommended by staff and students or we buy them through large bundle deals with specific publishers so we gain access to lots of research titles all at once.

You’ll find these useful as they are available 24×7, off campus and some come with some snazzy features such as keywords searching, links to other relevant information, reading aloud facilities to name but a few.

Since we get ebooks from different platforms and providers you might see a different layout each time you access one of our titles. But the logic is the same you can navigate using a toolbar, you can normally turn pages using little arrows along the top, you can jump to specific chapters and in some case print or download all or some of the ebook.

We often receive comments from students asking why you can’t download and save offline forever a copy of the book. We have subscriptions or licence access to titles but we don’t own the title. There is something called Digital Rights Management where publishers can control the copying, pasting and downloading of their content. This is linked to issues with privacy and Copyright.

So in a nutshell if you’re on campus and using a PC or your own device, simply navigate to Library Search and enter your keywords to look for a book title as usual.

Then choose an ebook which looks relevant e.g. Essentials of Business Research Methods by Hair which we know is popular book for Business students doing dissertations.

Once the ebook has loaded on the screen, hover over the functionality buttons to see what they do. The search will be useful if you’re looking for specific topics, navigate straight to a chapter you’ve been told to read or change the colour of the background to help with your reading.

Not all titles are available in ebook format as an institutional library but if you’d prefer a title in electronic format we can certainly investigate. Just let us know by using the form on via our Books on Time Scheme.

Passport – looking for market research information

One of the major resources we have for students, researchers and staff within the Business School is Passport. This is particularly good if you’re looking for information on Market Research which can be anything from consumer preferences and buying habits, companies and their products and market share.

We’ve got a great Market Research guide which highlights the different products we have access to. There are also different ways to learn more about the platform such as their help guide.

Screenshot of Market Research webpage

The company who provide Passport, Euromonitor have a great YouTube channel where they upload short videos which covers information on sectors, trends and hot topics. These are created by data analysts who work closely with that sector and collate the data which feature in the reports and charts.

We think this is great way to quickly identify developing markets, flourishing segments and areas for predicted growth and trends. So if you have been asked to pick or research a growth area or identify a gap in the market to launch a new and viable product you might to browse through their channel.

If you click to display by videos and ensure you’ve got them displayed by newest first you’ll see some trends videos so for 2020 so you’ll get a good idea of consumer trends, top cities to watch, industry and economic trends.

Euromonitor have also curated their videos under a section on their channel called “playlists” So if you’ve been asked to look at a specific market you might want to browse through playlists and see what videos they have.

They are short, snappy and give you enough insight which might spark an idea or help you decide on a product or market. Watching the consumer trends video I’ve just learnt that in 2020 we will be seeking more reusable packaging, using social media to be directed to buy products, using multifunctional homes and working from home more and using our mobiles more than ever to navigate our lives.

Advancements to searching Economist and Financial Times archives

Through our subscriptions we have access to the early versions of The Economist and The Financial Times.

The Gale platform these are hosted on have recently implemented some new features.

If you want to search across many historic newspapers at once, we would recommend using Gale Primary Sources.

So for example if you wanted to search both the Economist and the FT Archive you now can. From the Gale Primary Sources simply ensure you have only those two resources selected and then enter your keywords in the search box

You will then see your results page contains results from both resources (if there are matches to your keywords)

There are also some new search tools, including ‘topic finder’ and ‘term frequency’. The last one allows you to track topics over time e.g. for hedge funds you can see this started to become a widely used term from around 1996 onwards.

Henry Stewart Talks Business; Management Collection

HS Talks Logo
HS Talks Logo

HS Talks – The Business & Management Collection includes 1,200 online multi-media videos, online lectures, case studies and case study interviews by leading experts in academia, industry and commerce. Topics cover a whole range of business education including Finance, Accounting & Economics; Global Business Management; Management Leadership & Organizations; Marketing & Sales; Strategy; Technology & Operations.

The collection is categorized into 6 broad subject areas and further organized into 90 series, each overseen by an editor who is a key expert in the field. Speakers are chosen based on their expertise and each talk is produced together with the speaker especially for the collection. The collection is reviewed and updated monthly. Once you have selected a subject area or applied your keyword you might like to filter using some of the options such as length of video or date published.

Academics can also easily embed into the VLE for students to access. You can either do the whole video or sections. HS Talks provide a in-depth guide to take you through this step by step. 

There are 4 different types of videos on HS Talks. These include :

  1. Traditional format lectures with high quality graphics: the lectures are primarily designed to deliver ‘information’. The lectures have multiple associated features including printable slide handouts and speed-up/slow down options.
  2. Extended form case studies: accounts of real world experience describing what was done, how, when and with what consequences.
  3. Bite-size case studies: these short descriptions of real world commercial activities come with suggested topics for consideration and discussion.
  4. Case Study Interviews: interviews with experts from commerce and industry, from start-up entrepreneurs to large corporation executives, confront the challenges they encounter. Each interview is accompanied by suggested topics for discussion and individual and group projects.

Some of the talks come with additional PowerPoints which can be downloaded.

There is a quick start guide available from HS

Building Types Online

After positive feedback from a trial in 2018 we are delighted to announce we now have access to this database.

This platform is based on Birkhäuser’s architecture books, a selection of Birkhäuser manuals and additional analysis Annual updates which add new building types and more contemporary international case studies.

This resources features :

  • Over 6000 high quality architectural drawings/ building plans. These are mostly vector-based, drawn to scale and available for download.
  • 2500 photos of building types
  • 1200 case studies
  • Over 900 international projects
  • 160 thematic articles providing background information on specific aspects of individual building types e.g. lighting, acoustics, urban considerations, access types or planning processes.
  • Types of buildings include: housing, schools, libraries, office buildings, sacred buildings, hospitals, museums, industrial complexes, infrastructure, transport and other building types.

This makes it an excellent choice for both teaching, research and understanding the practice of architectural design.

Search options include :

  • Full Text
  • Architect
  • Building Types
  • Decade
  • Height
  • Country
  • Author
  • Urban Context

You can also browse by grant systematic access to all content according to Building Type, Urban Context and Morphological Type.

This is an important resource for anyone studying building typology or writing architectural design assignments. In nutshell a fantastic online resource covering building types in the last 30 years. 

The Search Help document from the resources explains the database’s functions in detail. An overview of the terminology used in the building analysis and the Search and Browse options is available as well.

To access the database, click on the link via Library Search.

Free Access to Gartner® Core IT Research for Higher Education

You can now search and download the latest IT research, case studies and tech trends to support your research and business projects. 

​​​​​Newcastle University students and staff have free access to the Core online resources of Gartner, the leading provider of research and analysis on the global information technology (IT) industry.  

Gartner Core IT Research for Higher Education includes:

  • The latest IT research and technology news, case studies and trends to support your research and business projects. 
  • Access to research Special Reports – providing insights into major business and technology trends. 
  • Gartner® Magic Quadrant, Vendor Ratings and Hype Cycles, to inform plans and support business decisions. 
  • Access to online IT events and webinars  

Getting Started 

You can sign in to Gartner Core IT Research at using your University login name and password.

If you have any problems accessing the service please contact

Books added to the Library by students in ECLS (Semester Two 2018/19)

We have a service called “Books on Time” for students. This allows you to tell us about the books you need for your studies. If we don’t have the books you need, simply complete the web form and we’ll see if we can buy them. For books we already have in stock, if they are out on loan please make a reservation/hold request using Library Search.

Further information about Books on Time

In Semester Two, academic year 2018/2019 we bought the following items after requests from students in ECLS.

There were 38 requests from 29 students totalling £1988.77 (40% from Postgraduate taught and 60% from Postgraduate Research)

Title Now in stock
A Very Human Ending: How suicide haunts our species 1xlong
Academies and Free Schools in England: A History and Philosophy of the Gove Act 1xlong
Anomia: Theoretical and Clinical Aspects 1xlong
Beyond Rhetorical Questions Assertive questions in everyday interaction 1xlong
Beyond the Blew Stone: 300 years of Quakers in Newcastle 1xlong
Contraception, Colonialism and Commerce Birth Control in South India 1920-1940 1xlong
Difference or Disorder? 1xlong
Distance Education: A systems view 1xlong
Escape From Violence: Conflict and the Refugee Crisis in the Developing World 1xlong
Framing Discourse on the Environment: A Critical Discourse Approach 1xlong
Global Education Inc. : New Policy Networks and the Neoliberal Imaginary 1xlong
How Teachers Taught: Constancy and Change in American Classrooms, 1890-1990 1xlong
Interacting With Objects 1xebook
Language Leader Advanced Coursebook and CD Rom Pack 1xlong
Language Leader Intermediate Coursebook and CD-Rom Pack 1xlong
Learn to Speak Cantonese: A Beginner’s Guide to Mastering Conversational Cantonese 1xlong
Literacy and Script Reform in Occupation Japan: Reading Between the Lines 1xlong
Managing Children with Developmental Language Disorder 1xlong
Marx after Marx: History and Time in the Expansion of Capitalism 1xlong
Measuring Voice, Speech, and Swallowing in the Clinic and Laboratory 1xlong
Meeting Ethnography : Meetings as Key Technologies 1xebook
Meta-Analysis in Stata: An Updated Collection from the Stata Journal 1xlong
Meta-study of qualitative health research: a practical guide to meta-analysis and meta-synthesis 2xlong
Modelling Performance in Tests of Spoken Language 1xlong
Neural Control of Speech 1xlong
Okinawan War Memory: Transgenerational Trauma and the War Fiction of Medoruma Shun 1xlong
Positive psychology for teachers 1xlong
Research on Reflective Practice in TESOL 1xlong
Restorative Practice and Special Needs 1xebook
The Arena of Masculinity: Sports, Homosexuality, and the Meaning of Sex 1xlong
The Cinema of Adolescence 1xlong
The Oxford Handbook of Social Justice in Music Education 1xlong
The SAGE Handbook of Digital Technology Research 1xlong
The Voice Book for Trans and Non-Binary People 1xlong
Theorizing about intercultural Communication 1xlong
Translanguaging in EFL Contexts a Call for Change 1xlong
Writing an Applied Linguistics Thesis Or Dissertation: A Guide to Presenting Empirical Research 1xebook
You Couldn’t Ignore Me If You Tried: The Brat Pack, John Hughes and their impact on a generation 1xlong

Books added to the Library by students in SAPL (Semester Two 2018/19)

We have a service called “Books on Time” for students. This allows you to tell us about the books you need for your studies. If we don’t have the books you need, simply complete the web form and we’ll see if we can buy them. For books we already have in stock, if they are out on loan please make a reservation/hold request using Library Search.

Further information about Books on Time

In Semester Two, academic year 2018/2019 we bought the following items after requests from students in SAPL.

There were 86 requests from 29 students totalling £2795.09 (22% of requests from undergraduates, 27% from Postgraduate taught and 51% from Postgraduate Research)

Title Now in stock
A Joint Enterprise: Indian Elites and the Making of British Bombay 1xlong
A Practical Guide to Permitted Changes of Use 1xlong
Aldo Rossi and the Spirit of Architecture 1xlong
Aldo Rossi: The Sketchbooks: 1990-1997 1xlong 
Alvaro Siza: City Sketches 1xlong
American Architecture: A Thematic History 1xlong
Anthropologies and Futures: Researching Emerging and Uncertain Worlds 1xlong
Architecture and Globalisation in the Persian Gulf region 1xlong
Architecture in Austria 1xlong
Architecture Re-Performed: The Politics of Reconstruction 1xebook
Are We Human : The Archaeology of Design 1xlong
Artificial Unintelligence How Computers Misunderstand the World 1xlong, 1xebook
Asperger’s Children: The Origins of Autism in Nazi Vienna 1xlong 
Atlas of emotion: journeys in art, architecture and film 2xlong
Believe me 1xlong
Carlo Scarpa and Castelvecchio Revisited 1xlong 
Celebrating Urban Light 1xlong 
Comfort, Cleanliness and Convenience: The Social Organisation of Normality 1xlong
Deciphering Sociological Research 1xlong
Digital Geographies / James Ash 2xlong
Driverless Urban Futures: A Speculative Atlas for Autonomous Vehicles 1xlong
Essai sur les signes inconditionnels dans l’art 2xlong
Food and Place: A Critical Exploration 1xlong 
Global Culture Industry: The Mediation of Things 1xlong
Gunther Domenig: Recent Work (Print) 1xlong
Hitler’s Final Fortress: Breslau 1945 1xlong
Human Space 1xlong
Imperial Conversations: Indo-Britons and the Architecture of South India 1xlong
Katsuya Terada 10 Ten: 10 Year Retrospective 1xlong 
Key Concepts in Community Studies 1xlong
Laboratory Lifestyles: The Construction of Scientific Fictions 1xlong
Learning From Memory: Body, Memory and Technology in a Globalising World 1xlong 
Lessons for the Big Society: Planning, Regeneration and the Politics of Community Participation 1xlong 
London Calling: The Middle Classes and the Remaking of Inner London 1xlong
Mass Timber: An Introduction to Solid Laminate Timber Systems 1xlong
Microcosm: A Portrait of a Central European City 1xlong
Miners and Millhands: Work, Culture and Politics in Princely Mysore 1xlong
Modern Architecture : A Very Short Introduction 1xlong
Mysore Modern: Reconceptualising the Region Under Princely Rule 1xlong
Night Fever: Designing Club Culture: 1960-Today 1xlong 
Norman Foster: Sketch Book 1xlong
Ornaments of the Metropolis Siegfried Kracauer and Modern urban Culture 1xlong 
Palermo Atlas (English Ed.) 1xlong
Philosophy and the city 1xlong
Politics and Conflict in Governance and Planning 1xlong
Powers Matchless : The Pontification of Urban VIII 1xlong
Race, Islam and Power: Ethnic and Religious Violence in Post-Suharto Indonesia 1xlong 
Remembering Places: A Phenomenological Study of the Relationship between memory and place 1xlong
Sense of Emptiness: An Interdisciplinary Approach 1xebook
Sharing Cities: Activating the Urban Commons 1xlong
Songbook: The Selected Poems of Umberto Saba 1xlong 
Structures of Experience: Un-Coding and Coding Emotions 1xlong
The Age of Living Machines: How Biology Will Build the Next Technology Revolution 1xlong
The Art of Posuka Demizu 1xlong 
The Death of Drawing Architecture in the Age of Simulation 1xlong, 1xebook
The History of European Jazz The Music, Musicians and Audience in Context 1xlong
The Life of the Automobile: The Complete History of the Motor Car 1xlong
The Meaning of Modern Architecture its inner necessity and an Empathetic Reading 1xlong 
The Microbial State: Global Thriving and the Body Politic 1xlong 
The Origins of Sociable Life: Evolution After Science Studies 1xlong
The Problem of Pleasure: Leisure, Tourism and Crime 1xlong 
The Promise of the Metropolis: Bangalore’s Twentieth Century 1xlong
Thermal Delight in Architecture 1xlong
TRANS-LOCAL-ACT: Cultural Practices within and across. 1xlong 
Understanding the Impacts of Deregualtion in Planning: Turning Offices into Homes? 1xlong, 1xebook
Vehicles Cars, Canoes and other metaphors of Moral Imagination 1xlong
Will AI replace us 1xlong

Books added to the Library by students in NUBS (Semester Two 2018/19)

We have a service called “Books on Time” for students. This allows you to tell us about the books you need for your studies. If we don’t have the books you need, simply complete the web form and we’ll see if we can buy them. For books we already have in stock, if they are out on loan please make a reservation/hold request using Library Search.

Further information about Books on Time

In Semester Two, academic year 2018/2019 we bought the following items after requests from students in NUBS.

There were 28 requests from 22 students totalling £1836.43 (25% from Undergraduates, 14%% from Postgraduate taught and 61% from Postgraduate Research)

Title Now in Stock
Bridging Disciplinary Perspectives of Country Image 1xlong
China-Europe Relations: Perceptions, Policies and Prospects 1xlong
Co-branding: The Science of Alliance 1xlong
Competing for capital: Europe and North America in Global Era 1xlong
Corporate Social Responsibility (Business and Society 360, Volume 2) 1xebook
Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability: Emerging Trends in Developing Economies 1xebook
Data Strategy: How to Profit from a World of Big Data, Analytics and the Internet of Things 1xlong
Economic Geography: The Integration of Regions and Nations 1xlong
Empirical Asset Pricing : The Cross Section of Stock Returns 1xlong
Fiscal Incentives for Investment and Innovation 1xlong
Handbook of the Fundamentals of Financial Decision Making 1xebook
Impression Management in Organization 1xebook
Managing the Ageing Workforce in the East and the West 1xlong
Matricentric Feminism: Theory, Activism, and Practice 1xebook
Objectivity and Subjectivity in Social Research 1xebook
Practising CSR in the Middle East 1xebook
Product-Country Images : Impact and Role in International Marketing 1xlong
Realist responses to post-human society :Ex machina 1xlong
Reinventing Jobs: A 4-Step approach for applying automation to work 1xlong
Sexual Harassment of Working Women: A Case of Sex Discrimination 1xlong
Stereotype Threat: Theory, Process and Application 1xlong, 1xebook
Supply Chains and Total Product Systems: A Reader 1xebook
Sustainable Transportation in the National Parks 1xlong
Systemic Risk, Crises, and Macroprudential Regulation 1xlong
The Oxford Handbook of Pierre Bourdieu 1xlong
The Oxford Handbook of Strategy Implementation 1xlong
The Regulatory aftermath of the global financial crisis 1xlong, 1xebook
Volume 39 Part B – Institutional Logics in Action, Part B 1xlong