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Whether you’re a fresher or a final year student we want to help you get the most from your Library. From discovering resources to finding the right study space, to where to go to get help with your coursework. We’ve made a short video so if you’ve only a few minutes to spare it’s all you need to get started…..

Transitioning from school to university

Lego person with suitcase getting out of car

Your bags are packed and you are excited to get started at uni, but you may be beginning to wonder what on earth to expect? How does it differ from a school environment? Never fear! We have created a short video just for you and put lots of advice and tips on our transitioning web pages. We’re looking forward to meeting you soon!

P.S. Even if you’re not coming straight from school, some of this advice will still be relevant for you too, so do take a peek.

Spotlight on Compendex

Compendex is one of the best places to go when searching for engineering literature. It provides peer-reviewed and indexed publications with over 20 million records, from 77 countries, across 190 engineering disciplines.

The database includes not only journal articles, but also articles in press, trade magazines, book series, dissertations, as well as a wealth of conference proceedings and conference papers, which are so important in scientific research. In addition, it also includes all technical standards from IEEE.

To access Compendex, you can either go through Library Search or alternatively it may be listed under ‘Journal’s and Database’ section in your library subject guide.

We have put together a short, 9 minute video to take you through the main ways to search this extensive resource.

Roll up, roll up…..

Need to access Business news?….or what about finding TV / audio newsreels? Or alternatively, what about a historic 17th century newspaper article? Our Newspaper Guide directs you to key resources for current, historic, business and international news. Take our 3 minute tour (see video below) to find out more.

Topic Guides: It’s all in the name!

hello my name is....During these winter months of hibernation, we haven’t only been busying ourselves with updating our subject guides, but we have also been sprucing up our topic guides as well. But what are topic guides I hear you ask?! How are they different from subject guides?

Well, while they do complement the subject guides, they differ in the sense that these guides group resources together not by subject but erm….by topic! It’s not complicated I promise, but they do neatly fall into three main types……

Type 1: These guides deal with how to find specific types of information you might need, whether that be company information, newspaper articles, standards, government publications or theses and dissertations…the list goes on.

Type 2: The second type of topic guides are those guides which have been created with a specific end product / piece of work in mind. For example, you may have been asked to create an academic poster, write a dissertation or undertake a systematic review and you might not know where to start or what these formats of work should even look like.

And last but not least……………….

Type 3: These are the guides which focus on academic skills and often include teach yourself material in the form of workbooks, quizzes and videos etc.

So what you are waiting for, go and check out our fabulously named topic guides, because they do exactly what they say on the tin!

Or if you fancy relaxing and letting us do the tour for you, why not crack open the popcorn and check out our whistle stop tour below!

Happy exploring!

Be better than the Google

Fed up of  struggling to find suitable resources for your assignment? Annoyed at Fake News plaguing your web browser? Be gone the days of relying on good ol’ Google to solve all your problems.  What you want is reliable, credible, and most importantly relevant information…and when do you want it? You want it NOW!

Never fear, your faithful Newcastle University librarians have curated your Subject guides. These guides are subject related collections of resources that give you access to eBook/book collections, databases, eJournal collections, and specialist resources to help you with your studies.

All the guides have the same layout which will hopefully help you navigate between multiple guides. So, watch this short 3 minute video tour and remember to bookmark them:

Repeat after me… “Be better than the Google”