Explore Megatrends with Euromonitor Passport

Passport is a global market research database that gives us statistics, analysis and reports on global markets, economies and consumers. As well as being able to search for statistics and analysis using keywords, browse by country, industry and economy, Passport highlights what they call Megatrends which are the major issues influencing consumer behaviour in today’s market.

Megatrends for the UK right now include population changes, healthy and ethical living, and middle class retreat. You can access the full reports from the Passport homepage while they give useful summaries on their YouTube channel.

Find out more about Passport Megatrends 

To access the Newcastle University subscription to Passport and our other market research resources, visit our Market Research resource guide.

Trial: World Shakespeare Bibliography

We have trial access to the World Shakespeare Bibliography until April 3rd 2019.  This is the most comprehensive record of Shakespeare-related scholarship and theatrical productions published or produced worldwide from 1960 to the present.

It contains 126,000 records, including details of books, articles, reviews, productions and theses. You can search or browse it in various ways.

The trial ends on April 3rd 2019. Please explore and email us your feedback, or post it as a comment on this blog.

CNKI: New Year, new look!

Do you use CNKI and China Academic Journals? The resource has a new look for the New Year!

CNKI still offers access to journals, theses, proceedings, newspapers and yearbooks on a wide range of subjects – literature, history, philosophy, politics, military affairs, law, education & social sciences, electronic technology & information science, economics & management – but is now even easier to use.

CNKI homepage - new interface

Access CKNI from our Chinese and Japanese Studies Subject Guide. Once you have logged in, click on the New Homepage button (top left-hand corner of the screen) to go to the new interface which makes searching this vast resource easy.

CNKI link to new homepage

N.B. If you really do prefer the old version, you can still access this for 6 months (until the end of June 2019). Just click on ‘Old Version’ in the menu at the top of the screen.

CNKI link to old version of interface

Lexis: Full Academic Library now available

We’re pleased to announce that we have recently upgraded our Lexis subscription to their Full Academic Library.

This provides access to an extensive range of new content (almost 500 new online sources), including practitioner textbooks and major works in many areas of law, such as finance, taxation, criminal, consumer, planning, housing, and family law.

The new content will be individually catalogued on Library Search soon, but for now, the best way to access it is via Lexis itself. You’ll find the new content in the relevant sections of Lexis (e.g. in Forms and Precedents, Commentary or My Bookshelf).

To browse or search a full list of Lexis content in all categories, click on Sources in the top right hand corner.

Literature Online upgrade

The literary research database, Literature Online (LION) has had an exciting new upgrade.

LION, which enables you to research international literature of all genres in books and journals, together with 350,000 works of poetry, prose and drama from the 8th century to the present, is now hosted on Proquest’s main platform. It also has good coverage of related areas such as linguistics, philosophy, classics and film studies.

The new site includes the following improvements:

  • new content will be available more quickly
  • clearer search options to help you focus your search
  • improved author pages
  • you can now cross-search LION along with other Proquest databases, such as Early English Books Online, The Guardian/Observer/New York Times newspaper archives, plus thousands of journal articles in other subject areas.

Not quite ready to switch? The old LION platform will still be available until August 2019, but we would encourage you to try the new LION sooner rather than later!

New resource “Statista” available

We now have access to platform called Statista which is available through a subscription from the Business School.

This is an extensive statistics platform covering over 1.5 million data sets (and adding an additional 500 each day) with revenue forecasts from 2015 to 2020 on over 400 industries.

Data is collected from over 18,000 sources covering over 75,000 different topics.

The platform can broken down into different elements including :

  • Statista‘s Digital Market Outlook offers forecasts, detailed market insights and key performance indicators for the most important areas of the Digital Economy, including various digital goods and services. https://www.statista.com/outlook/digital-markets
  • Statista’s Consumer Market Outlook provides in-depth market insights, key performance indexes and forecasts for the most important consumer markets. https://www.statista.com/outlook/consumer-markets
  • Statista’s industry reports provide the facts needed to understand an industry. The reports are clearly structured, easy to understand and present not only numerical data on areas such as trends in turnover and revenue, but also on industry strengths and weaknesses.  Updated annually, these reports contain the most recent and relevant data. https://www.statista.com/industry-reports
  • Statista’s dossiers are in-house reports which contain the most recent and relevant statistics concerning a single subject. Regular updates and routine additions ensure that Statista’s 4,000 dossiers are always up to date https://www.statista.com/dossiers

This short video from Statista give a nice overview of the different search functionalities – https://vimeo.com/202712374

Access via https://www.statista.com/ or via the record on Library Search.  (If you are accessing on campus, the platform will authenticate using IP address. If you are accessing off campus you will be taken through EzProxy so access should be seamless if you’ve logged in previously using your Campus ID and password).

Spotlight on….. a-n: The Artist Information Company

a-n: The Artist Information Company provides alternative insights into the visual arts, with fast-paced news, comment, debate.  Here are the first (and there are so many more) 5 things you’ll love about this resource:

  • See the calendar of exhibitions, conferences and other arts related events for the coming year

  • Keep up to date with news of what’s going on in the art world        
  • Read interesting discussions with arts practitioners, curators and others involved in making and showing art #How was it for you..

  • Find out what pieces galleries around the world are acquiring

  • Join in and receive e-alerts, find out what bursaries and job opportunities are available, meet other a-n members, follow a-n on social media and generally get involved!  
  • Available to you via Library Search… go-on, you know you want to a-n!

New resource in focus: Oxford Scholarly Editions Online (Romantics Poetry)

We have recently added a new module, Romantics Poetry, to our Oxford Scholarly Editions Online (OSEO) collection.

OSEO enables you to explore old works in new ways. It brings together authoritative editions of major works, so you can explore variations between editions, annotations and extensive notes side by side with the texts, or you can just read the texts on their own.

The new module means we now have access to 272 Oxford editions, containing 344 works, including poetry, prose, drama, essays and correspondence, in the following categories: Romantics Prose; Romantics Poetry; 18th Century Drama; 18th Century Prose.

You can browse by work, edition or author, or search in highly specific ways (e.g. just search within notes or stage directions) to pinpoint exactly what you want. The editions are individually catalogued on Library Search, but we’d recommend searching for works and editions via the OSEO interface itself.

Various export and personalisation options are available.

If you haven’t used OSEO before, we’d strongly recommend watching this introductory video, so you can understand the potential of this resource and how to use it.

Have you used Oxford Scholarly Editions Online? Please feel free to post your comments and experiences by clicking Leave a comment below.

New resource in focus: Oxford Scholarship Online Classical Studies

We recently bought the Classical Studies module of this collection, which currently contains 117 titles written by leading scholars in the field.

All the books are individually catalogued on Library Search, or you can browse them as a whole collection on the OSO site. Coverage includes literature, culture and history, and new titles will be added at intervals.

New resource in focus: Race Relations in America

Continuing our series of blogposts exploring our brand new humanities e-resources in more depth…

We have recently bought access to Race Relations in America. This is a collection of primary source material covering Civil Rights in the USA from 1943-1970.

This archive contains a huge range of primary sources. Before you dive in, we’d recommend clicking Introduction, in which you can learn more about its scope and features.

The sources come from the records of the Race Relations Department of the United Church Board for Homeland Ministries in New Orleans, and comprise many different types of material, including pamphlets, audio recordings, survey data, photographs and speeches. These sources are supplemented by secondary materials such as contextual essays, maps and thematic guides to give you ideas for interpreting and exploiting the archive.

You can browse or search the archive contents by clicking Documents (to browse) or one of the two search options. You can filter your search in various ways, e.g. by document type, year or theme. If you just want to view images or listen to audio, click the relevant buttons on the top menu.

Have you used Race Relations in America? Please feel free to post your comments and experiences by clicking Leave a comment below.