Books added to the Library by students in SAPL (Semester One 2023/24)

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5th World Congress on Disaster Management: Volume V : Proceedings of the International Conference on Disaster Management, November 24-27, 2021, New Delhi, India
Asian Revitalization: Adaptive Reuse in Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Singapore
Assessing Student Learning: A Common Sense Guide, 3rd Edition
Beyond Foucault New Perspectives on Bentham’s Panopticon
Boundaries 13 Tiny Houses Self-built – Off the Grid
Building with Paper: The Materiality of Renaissance Architectural Drawings: 2
Citizens of no place
Citizens, Civil Society, and Activism under the EPRDF Regime in Ethiopia: An Analysis from Below
Colloquial Swahili
Compassionate Cities: public health and end-of-life care
Concrete Concept: Brutalist Buildings Around the World
Concrete Hong Kong: Build Your Own Modernist Metropolis
Crack in the wall : life and death in Kowloon walled city
Deserts Are Not Empty
Design For More-Than-Human Futures Towards Post-Anthropocentric Worlding
Designed Landscapes: 37 Key Project
Designing Reform: Architecture in the People’s Republic of China, 1970–1992
Dharma and Ecology of Hindu Communities Sustenance and Sustainability
Digital Stockholm Syndrome in the Post-Ontological Age
Documenta11: Platform4: Under Siege: Four African Cities: Freetown, Johannesburg, Lagos, Kinshasa
Downtown, Inc.: How America Rebuilds Cities
Drawing on the Inside: Kowloon Walled City 1985
Environmental Psychology and Human Well-Being: Effects of Built and Natural Settings
Ethics and Organizational Practice Questioning the Moral Foundations of Management
Facts on the Ground: Archaeological Practice and Territorial Self-Fashioning in Israeli Society
Historical Muscat : an Illustrated Guide and Gazetteer.
Imperial Ascent: Mountaineering, Masculinity, and Empire
Iran Encountering Globalization: Problems and Prospects
Longing for the Future: Mal D’Afrique and Afro-Optimism in Perspectives on Somalia (Routledge Studies in Modern History)
Medieval modern : art out of time
Moderns abroad: Architecture, Cities and Italian Imperialism
Mogadishu through the Eyes of an Architect
Mogadishu: Lost Moderns
Multimodal Conversation Analysis and Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis A Methodological Framework for Researching Translanguaging in Multilingual Classrooms
New Economic Spaces in Asian Cities From Industrial Restructuring to the Cultural Turn
Palaces for the People: How Social Infrastructure Can Help Fight Inequality, Polarization, and the Decline of Civic Life
Planning in a Failing State: Reforming Spatial Governance in England
Rebirding: Rewilding Britain and Its Birds
Red Mars: Kim Stanley Robinson
Regeneration Songs: Sounds of Investment and Loss from East London
Resilient and Sustainable Cities Research, Policy and Practice
RIBA Job Book / 10th
Sir Titus Salt and Sons – A Farming Legacy
Space Architecture: The New Frontier for Design Research (Architectural Design)
Studies in Organic: Kengo Kuma and Associates
Sustainability Indicators: Measuring the Immeasurable?
Sustainable Cities: Local Solutions in the Global South
The Epic of Mount Everest
The Everest Effect: Nature, Culture, Ideology
The Extraordinary Amazing Incredible Unbelievable Walled City of Kowloon
The High Frontier: Human Colonies in Space
The making of modern Ethiopia: 1896–1974
The people’s property? power, politics, and the public
Wearable Sensors (Second Edition): Fundamentals, Implementation and Applications

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