Finding international news: a how to guide

The Library’s online news resources are strongest for the UK, but we do also provide access to a wide range of historic and contemporary international news resources. You can find links to all relevant resources in the international section of our newspaper guide.

Historic archives

Our strongest non-UK historic resources are from the USA, as we have access to the New York Times archive, together with various archives from the Civil War period, plus a collection of microfilms from the Civil Rights period. The availability of historic newspaper archives depends very much on digitisation programmes in the country concerned. We have included links to those which are freely available (and be sure to investigate the Europeana newspaper project, which aims to aggregate millions of newspaper pages across many European countries.)

Contemporary news

Nearly all international newspapers have their own web site, but you are unlikely to find free access to their entire archive. However, the Nexis database enables you to search across thousands of newspapers, news magazines and newswires from across the world (though primarily Europe and the USA), dating back over twenty years to the present day (precise date coverage varies by title). You can search in various ways, by country, language, or search an individual newspaper. Watch the video below to find out how to use this fantastic resource.

Books added to the Library by students in GPS (Semester Two 2017/18)

We have a service called “Books on Time” for students. This allows you to tell us about the books you need for your studies. If we don’t have the books you need, simply complete the web form and we’ll see if we can buy them. For books we already have in stock, if they are out on loan please make a reservation/hold request using Library Search.

Further information about Books on Time

In Semester two, academic year 2017/2018 we bought the following items after requests from students in GPS.

There were 104 requests from 54 students totaling £4760.50 (60% of requests from undergraduates, 12% from Postgraduate taught and 28% from Postgraduate Research)


Title Now in stock
A Decade of Dark Humor: How Comedy, Irony and Satire Shaped Post-9/11 America 1xlong
A Life in Trans Activism 1xlong
A People Stronger: The Collectivisation of MSM and TG Groups in India 1xlong
A People’s Peace in Cyprus: Testing Public Opinion on the Options for a Comprehensive Settlement 1xlong
Affect, Space and Animals (Routledge Human-Animal Studies Series) 1xlong
African religions and philosophy 1xlong
Age Studies A Sociological Examination of How We Age and are Aged Through the Life Course 1xlong
Age, Gender and Sexuality Through the Life Course: The Girl in Time 1xlong
Aged by Culture 1xlong
Animal Geographies: Place, Politics and Identity in the Nature-culture Borderlands 1xlong
Animal Oppression and Human Violence: Domesecration, Capitalism, and Global Conflict (Critical Perspectives on Animals: Theory, Culture, Science and Law) 1xlong
Animal Revolution: Changing Attitudes Towards Speciesism 1xlong
Animal Rights/Human Rights: Entanglements of Oppression and Liberation (Critical Media Studies: Institutions, Politics, and Culture) 1xlong
Before birth: understanding prenatal screening 1xlong
Café Society 1xlong
Celebrity Humanitarianism and North-South Relations 1xlong
Children’s Emotions in Policy and Practice 1xlong
Criminal Love? Queer Theory, Culture and Politics in India 1xlong
Critical Realism: An Introduction to Roy Bhaskar’s Philosophy 1xlong, 1xebook
Culture and Politics: A Reader 6xlong, 1xstc
Cyprus: A Conflict at the Crossroads 1xlong
Debates in values-based practice: arguments for and against 1xlong
Different Faces of Attachment: Cultural Variations on a Universal Human Need 1xlong
Disrupting homelessness. 1xlong
Domestic Animals, Humans, and Leisure: Rights, Welfare, and Wellbeing (Routledge Research in the Ethics of Tourism Series) 1xlong
Emotions and Social Relations 1xlong
Expatriate identities in postcolonial organizations: working whiteness 1xlong
Exploring Parliament 1xlong
Feminism and Families 1xlong
Foucault Beyond Foucault: Power and its Intensifications Since 1984 2xlong
Gendered Bodies: Feminist Perspectives 1xlong
Global Homophobia: States Movements and the Politics of Oppression 1xlong
Guns Don’t Kill People, People Kill People: And Other Myths About Gun Control 1xlong
Handbook of Environmental Economics 1xlong
Hijras, the Labelled Deviants 1xlong
How Europeans View and Evaluate Democracy 1xlong
Human and Other Animals: Critical Perspectives 1xlong
Identity and Social Change 1xlong
Imagining the Modern: The Cultures of Nationalism in Cyprus 1xlong
Jackson Rising: The Struggle for Economic Democracy and Black Self-Determination in Jackson, Mississippi 1xlong
Justice for Laughing Boy: Connor Sparrowhawk – A Death by Indifference 1xlong
Laughing Matters: Humor and American Politics in the Media Age 1xlong
Let Africa Lead 1xlong
Local Agency and Peacebuilding: EU and International Engagement in Bosnia-Herzegovina. Cyprus and South Africa 1xlong
Loneliness and its Opposties: Sex, Disability and the Ethics of Engagement 1xlong
Made in India: Decolonizations, Queer Sexualities, Trans/National Projects 1xlong
Markets of Dispossession NGOs, Economic Development and the State in Cairo 1xlong
Masculinities in Transition 1xlong, 1xebook
Me Hijra, Me Laxmi 1xlong
Media and the Riots: A Call to Action 1xlong
Minority Women and Austerity: Survival and Resistance in France and Britain 1xlong
Muslim Spaces of Hope: Geographies of Possibility in Britain and the West 1xlong
Nationbuilding, Gender and War Crimes in South Asia 1xlong
Negotiating Europe: Europeanness Since the 1950s 1xlong
Occidentalism: The West in the Eyes of its Enemies 1xlong
On What Matters: Volume 1 1xlong
Placing Animals: An Introduction To The Geography Of Human-Animal Relations (Human Geography In The Twenty-First Century: Issues And Applications) 1xlong
Poverty and Social Exclusion in the UK, Volume 2: The Dimensions of Disadvantage 1xlong
Poverty Propaganda 1xlong
Prostitution, Harm and Gender Inequality 1xlong
Race and the Yugoslav Region: Postsocialist, Post-Conflict, Post-Colonial? 1xlong
Regarding Animals (Animals Culture And Society) 1xlong
Re-Imagining North Korea in International Politics 1xlong
Religion Matters 1xlong
Russian Homophobia from Stalin to Sochi 1xlong
Smart Green Cities: Towards a Carbon Neutral World 1xlong
Snow and Ice-Related Hazards, Risks and Disasters 1xlong
Social Lives With Other Animals: Tales of Sex, Death and Love 1xlong
Social Mobility for the 21st Century: Everyone a Winner? 2xlong
Sport and Postcolonialism 1xlong, 1xebook
Switzerland and the European Union: a close, contradictory and misunderstood relationship 1xlong
The Changing Nature of the Graduate Labour Market: Media, Policy and Political Discourses in the UK 1xlong
The Concept of Race in South Asia 1xlong
The Cyprus Referendum: A Divided Island and the Challenge of the Annan Plan 1xlong
The Disability Studies Reader 2016 1xlong
The Dreaded Comparison: Human and Animal Slavery 1xlong
The European Union and Africa: The Restructuring of North-South Relations 1xlong
The European Union and Africa: The Restructuring of North-South Relations 1xebook
The Geopolitics of Emotion: How Cultures of Fear, Humiliation and Hope are Reshaping the World 1xlong
The Intimate Lives of Disabled People 1xlong
The Moral Economists: R. H. Tawney, Karl Polanyi, E. P. Thompson, and the Critique of Capitalism 1xlong
The Myrdalsjokull Ice Cap: Glacial Processes, Sediments and Landforms on an Active Volcano 1xebook
The New Oxford Handbook of Economic Geography 1xebook
The New Social Mobility: How the Politicians Got It Wrong 1xlong
The People vs. Democracy: Why Our Freedom Is in Danger and How to Save It 1xlong
The Public Shaping of Medical Research: Patient Associations 1xlong
The Retreat of Western Liberalism 1xlong
The Routledge Handbook of European Security 1xlong
The Truth About Me: A Hijra Life Story 1xlong
The Violence of Austerity 1xlong
Tourism and Animal Ethics (Contemporary Geographies of Leisure, Tourism and Mobility) 1xlong
Tourism, Power and Culture: Anthropological Insights 1xlong
Transitions to Adulthood Through Recession: Youth and Inequality in a European Comparative Perspective 1xlong
Transnational Migration and Home in Older Age 1xlong
Trust in International Cooperation: International Security Institutions, Domestic Politics and American Multilateralism 1xlong
United Nations Development Programme and System 1xlong
Violent Borders 1xlong
We Kill Because We Can From Soldiering to Assassination in the Drone Age 1xlong
What Would Animals Say If We Asked the Right Questions? (PostHumanities) 1xlong
Women and Militant Wars: The Politics of Injury 1xlong, 1xebook
Women in African Parliaments 1xlong
Young People in the Labour Market: Past, Present, Future (Youth, Young Adulthood and Society) 1xlong
Young People Re-Generating Politics in Times of Crisis 1xlong
Young People’s Perspectives on Education, Training and Employment: Realising Their Potential 1xlong


Resource in Focus: Finding UK news with Lexis

Lexis is primarily a legal database, but it also provides access to UK news from 1990 to the present day.

This resource covers national and regional newspapers, as well as broadsheets. We speak to a lot of students and academics who don’t realise that this resource covers publications such as The Times Educational Supplement and The Times Higher Education (although we now also have an institutional account for The Times Higher Education. Details of how to set up an account and access it can be found here).

For more information on what sources are covered by Lexis, simply click on ‘Sources’ section located in the top right hand corner once you are logged in. Below is a short introductory video of how to access and find information in Lexis. If you are looking for information on how to access international and historic newspapers, as well as business and TV/audio news, then check out our newspaper resources guide.


Reading Lists

Have you discovered your Reading Lists yet?

Reading Lists are what you need to access and read to get understanding of the subject on the module(s) you are taking. It’s not just the Library saying this – these lists came from your lecturers!

The Reading Lists are a list of essential, recommended and background reading for your module. Each item has a quick link through to Library Search (to find where the book may be on the shelves) or there could be a direct link through to the eBook or online journal article. It’s an efficient way of accessing your reading and can save you loads of time.

Log into Canvas to access your Reading List

If you have any questions about your Reading Lists then ask your lecturer, or if there is a technical issue then email for assistance.

Geography: explore the best resources for your subject

As we are a few weeks into the start of term, it’s time to think about doing some wider reading for your assignments or perhaps making a start on your research project or dissertation. Library Search is a great place to start when you’re looking for information. In one simple search you will find books, Ebooks, journal articles and more.

However, there are times when you want to narrow down your search by limiting yourself to a subject specific database such as British Geological Survey or Himalayan Database. Perhaps you are looking for a particular type of information like environmental monitoring data or global environmental change found in Ecology Abstracts.

That’s where your library Subject Guide can help. We have put together your Subject Guide so that you are able to find the best resources and advice for your programme, all in one place.

We have grouped together the most relevant journal collections, databases, eBook collections and specialist resources we have, so that you don’t need to go hunting for the right database from the 300+ available at Newcastle University.

You will find links to Support for your studies too. These quick links will take you to resources to help you develop your own academic skills, including tools to help you plan a search, quizzes to test your knowledge and advice on how to find, evaluate and reference the best information for your academic work.

Calling all second years!

Find out how to become a confident and effective user of digital search tools and resources.

Does the summer and your first year of uni seem like a distant memory? Are you starting to feel like the work has cranked up and that you need some extra help?

As we’ve been out on campus teaching and chatting to you lovely second years, you have been telling us that it’s got very serious all of a sudden and you’re starting to feel overwhelmed. But never fear, the library has some great new academic skills guides to help you find, evaluate and manage your information in order to help you get those top marks for your assignments. These are transferable skills that will underpin all your work here at NU and which will ultimately help you get you that job you have always wanted.

So what are you waiting for? Save yourself some time and stress by getting your information skills up to scratch now. And remember, your friendly Library Liaison team is always here to help!





Ebook collections for Social Sciences

As part of an Evidence Based Acquisition model linked to eBooks from Springer we’ve now got access for 12 months to following collections for Social Sciences.

Business and Management 2018, 2017

Education 2018, 2017

Political Science and International Studies 2018, 2017

Palgrave Business & Management 2015

Palgrave Education 2015

Palgrave Language & Linguistics 2015

Palgrave Political Science 2015 and Palgrave International Relations & Development 2015 

Economics 2017 2018

Finance 2017 2018

Earth and Environmental sciences 2018

After 12 months we will analyse which ebooks have been accessed and make decisions based on that usage for titles to include permanently within our collections.

As part of our permanent collection from Springer we already have access to

Social Sciences 2018




School of GPS – new resources

We are delighted to announce some new journal titles and other resources available from the University Library.

Ones useful for GPS staff and students are :

New journals

European Journal of Political Research

A quarterly journal which provides short research notes outlining ongoing research in more specific areas of research. Access is available from volume one onwards.

Journal of Migration History

A multidisciplinary journal features articles on migration, mobility and related themes.  Access is available from volume one onwards.


A quarterly journal which provides research and theory specializing in social movements, protests, insurgencies, revolutions, and other forms of contentious politics. Access is available from volume one onwards.


Published quarterly, this journal examines theories and methodologies from a variety of disciplines and provides important links between feminist theory and the realities of women’s lives. Access is from volume one onwards.

New Resources

African American Communities 

This collection presents multiple aspects of the African American community through pamphlets, newspapers, periodicals, photographs, correspondence, official records and in depth oral histories.

Race Relations in America

Collection of primary source material covering Civil Rights in the USA from 1943-1970.  Content includes photographs, correspondence, audio recordings, data and case studies, together with contextual features to help with interpreting the material.

Cambridge Histories Online

Search over 360 volumes of this major series, covering worldwide history from British and European History, Middle East and Asian Studies, Political Thought, and more. All volumes are also individually listed on Library Search.

De Gruyter

We have access to De Gruyter’s enire ebook collection until June 2019, after which we will buy access to the most well used titles. This currently covers over 27,000 titles related to numerous subjects including sociology, political sciences and geosciences. All titles are catalogued individually on Library Search.

Aerial Digimap 

This additional subscription through Digimap provides access to some of the highest quality aerial photography available for Great Britain. This is created and licensed by Getmapping plc. Use a range of interactive tools, allowing interrogation and analysis of the data online and offline.

You can also:

  • add annotations (text, point, lines and areas)
  • identify image capture date by clicking on the map
  • generate PDF, PNG or JPG files for printing
  • save maps to go back to or print later

Aerial Lidar

Lidar Digimap offers detailed Lidar data from the Environment Agency and presents a model of the earth’s surface.

Uses of Lidar data are highly varied, from use in the creation of visual effects for virtual reality and film projects to archaeology, forestry management, flood and pollution modelling.

Emerald eBook collection

We have bought a range of eBooks from Emerald these are all cataloged and available on Library Search.

Titles include:

Divorce, separation and remarriage the transformation of family 

Hidden hands in the market 

China and Europe’s partnership for a more sustainable world. 

Sunday Times Digital Archive

We’ve now added the archive for 2007-2017 to our newspapers collection.

New site licences for Digimap

From the 1st of August 2018, all Digimap Collections (except Aerial & Lidar Digimap) will start new licences. This means when you access Digimap for the first time after this date you will need to agree to the new licences before you can access the platform.

This process will only happen once a year, so you will not be asked to do this everytime you log in. You don’t need to re-register any of your details, just follow the on screen prompts and agree to the new licences for each Collection.

All saved maps and download history will remain and won’t be affected by this process.

The use of content from this service is outlined in the Educational User Licence which can be found at:

Licence FAQs can be found here.

If you require any further help or clarification about the use of the data for Educational purposes, please contact Digimap via:

Additional library support and accessing Digimap can found on our helpguide.

School of GPS: New Springer and Palgrave eBooks

During this academic year we have made available a range of ebook collections from SpringerNature which includes titles from Palgrave.

This system has been using something called Evidence Based Acquisition to select the final purchase of ebooks based on the usage during the trial.

For the School of GPS we now have available 58 ebooks from this supplier.

The top 5 based on usage are :

The Palgrave Handbook of Global Counterterrorism Policy

The Palgrave Handbook of Critical Theory

Aesthetic Labour

Democratic Legitimacy in the European Union and Global Governance

Political Communication in Britain

Please contact the Social Sciences Liaison Team if you wish to see a full list of titles; all are available on our catalogue, Library Search