Connecting to Exchange with your Nokia Phone and ‘Mail for Exchange’

I wanted to try this out and it turned out to be much easier that I thought it would be!

Here is how I went about it.

1. Download ‘Mail for Exchange’ and install it.
2. You will then need to configure your profile.


Exchange Server:
Secure connection: Yes
AP: Choose
Sync while roaming: Up to you.
Use default port: Yes


Your Username: nXXXXXX
Password: *******
Domain: CAMPUS

The other options allow you to choose what, when and how to sync. The application also warns you not to Sync with any other mail apps (such as your own local copy of Outlook) so there may be a trade off.

To see if your phone is compatible read the release notes here.


Please note that ISS can not help you with any problems as MFE is not currently supported.