Accessing UNIX files from Windows

Those who use our UNIX services (for example, web publishing or the aldred time-sharing server) often need an easy way to access their UNIX files from a Windows (or Mac) computer.  This is where the ISS Samba service steps in by allowing SMB/CIFS access to your UNIX files.

If you’re using a Windows common desktop computer on campus, you’ve already been authenticated and can access your files immediately. In Windows, go to StartRun (or Start,Search Box in Vista/Windows 7) and enter:


(Replacing username with your user ID.)

After a couple of moments your UNIX home directory will appear in a new window.

You can make the connection permanent and assign it to a drive letter so that your UNIX home directory will be available every time you log in. To do so, click Start, right click on My Computer and choose Map Network Drive. Choose a drive letter, enter the path as above and choose whether or not to make the mapping permanent.