Books added to the Library by students in NUBS (Semester One 2021/22)

Our Recommend a Book service for students allows you to tell us about the books you need for your studies. If we don’t have the books you need, simply complete the web form and we’ll see if we can buy them. For books we already have in stock, if they are out on loan please make a reservation/hold request using Library Search.

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In Semester One, academic year 2021/2022 we successfully processed 17 requests from 12 students (5 PGR, 2 PGT and 5 UGT) in NUBS, totalling just over £3,700. This is what we bought :

A program for monetary stability
Advertising Theory
Banks and Fintech on Platform Economies: Contextual and Conscious Banking
Brands, Consumers, Symbols & Research
Computational Advertising: Techniques for Targeting Relevant Ads
Culture, Conduct and Ethics in Banking: Principles and Practice
Developing Creative Economies in Africa: Spaces and Working Practices 
Financial Technology Case Studies in Fintech Innovation
Management Information Systems: Managing the Digital Firm
Media Rhetoric: How Advertising and Digital Media Influence Us
Rhetorical Memory and Delivery Classical Concepts for Contemporary Composition and Communication
Sex Difference in Social Behaviour: A Social-Role Interpretation
Taxation Finance Act 2021
The Many Futures of Work Rethinking Expectations and Breaking Molds
The Multi-generational and Aging Workforce
The Routledge Companion to Marketing History
Work and the Challenges of Belonging: Migrants in Globalizing Economies

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