Referencing for Biomedical Sciences Students

Calling all Biomeds, are you worried about Referencing?


Academic work builds upon the shared ideas, words and findings of other people. However, whenever you use other people’s work – whether from a book, journal article, newspaper, video or other source ­– you must acknowledge it. In other words, you need to tell the readers of your work where you got the information from and who produced it.

Find out more about managing your references at

Remember if you are directly quoting an author you need to put the text in quotation marks and give the page number, e.g. “Referencing in the best” (1 p. 3)

Biomedical Vancouver Style

Biomedical Sciences uses the Reference Style – Biomedical Vancouver, click the link to the Referencing Guide and scroll down to the ‘Popular referencing styles’ section for more information.


This style has been modified and added to EndNote X8.  For more information on using EndNote to manage your references see our EndNote Guide.

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