Resource in Focus: The Economist

The Economist is an English-language news and international affairs publication. It is published weekly and although called a newspaper it looks more like a glossy magazine.

Its primary focus is global news, politics and business. However you will also find relevant sections on science, technology, and the arts.  Every two months, they also release an in-depth report on certain hot topics. Every three months a technology report called Technology Quarterly is released which focuses on trends and developments in science and technology.

We speak to a lot of students who don’t realise that as a member of the University, we have access to the current newspaper in print and online, and the Economist archive, dating back to 1843. You don’t need to arrange your own access if you’ve been asked to keep on top of Business news; we’ve got it covered.

Watch our introductory video to find out how to access and find information in The Economist:

Find out more about the business news resources available via the library on our newspaper guide.

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