Resource in Focus: Financial Times

If you are researching companies, the economy or wondering what’s happening in the business world, the Financial Times is a current, reputable and easy to access source.

Financial Times is a world leading, UK business and financial newspaper. It publishes articles in print and online on companies, hot topics in the business world, the global economy and international affairs. In the Financial Times you will find the latest UK and international business finance, economic and political news, comment and analysis.

We have a subscription to Financial Times in print and the online version. To access, you will need to first register to be part of our Newcastle University subscription.

Watch our video introduction to and the Financial Times Historical Archive to find out more.

Discover more about Financial Times and access the full help guide from the Business News library guide.

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  1. I would like to access the subscription in order to widen my knowledge and keep myself up to date with today’s businesses and the economy

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