Trial: EMIS Database

We have access to this database from 12th November until 11th December.

EMIS features:

  • Over 9000 publications available in the database containing company (Financials, company news, M&A deals/ rumours, analytical tools), country (forecasts, reports,..etc) and industry data (global industry reports, news, competition and market info)
  • Top global sources such as BMI, Global Data, Dun & Bradstreet, Allied Research, Buddecom, Euromonitor, Mintel, MarketLine as well as data sourced locally in each emerging market
  • 5m company profiles and financials in hard to get locations
  • 540,000 research reports published every year
  • Archived and indexed content in a searchable and easy to use format
  • Includes a focus  on emerging markets
  • Access on and off campus

To access the database, click on the link here and select ‘Client log in’ (top right corner).  You will need to be on campus to access the database or if you are of campus please access via RAS.

The trial ends on December 11th. Please explore and email us your feedback, or post it as a comment on this blog.

Trial: Marketline Advantage

We have access to this database from Monday 12th November until Sunday 25th November.

MarketLine  Advantage is a multi-disciplinary online database that you  can  use for a wide variety of content such as industry, country, company reports and case studies.

To access the database, click on the link here .  If you are off-campus, you will need to log in to RAS first of all, and then access this page from within RAS.

The trial ends on November 25th. Please explore and email us your feedback, or post it as a comment on this blog.

The Student Text Collection

The Student Text Collection (or otherwise known as the STC) is the Library’s collection of high-use/popular texts, located on level 2 of the Philip Robinson Library…just on the left as you come in the main entrance:

These texts are normally titles that are popular, core readings, recommended by academics or they are rare texts that we only have one copy of in the whole library.  Either way, there should be one copy in the STC for you to consult or borrow (if not, contact your Liaison Librarian).

Student Text Collection (STC) items are usually issued for 4 hours, and you can borrow a maximum of 3 items at any one time. If the item has already been booked (see below re booking STC) then it might be issued for less than 4 hours – always check the receipt!

At the Philip Robinson Library, STC items can be borrowed until the following morning after 6pm (Monday to Thursday), after 5pm(Friday) or after 4pm (Saturday & Sunday).

At the weekends Walton STC overnight loans start at 5pm. Walton STC items cannot be booked.

Remember, if the only copy left in the library is the STC copy, look to see if an eBook version is available, or an older edition (there is normally very little difference between editions), or maybe a similar text.

Why book an item in the Student Texts Collection (Philip Robinson Library only)?

Booking an item allows you to reserve it for a particular time, then you can borrow it for four hours (or overnight, see above).

To book an item in the STC login to Library Search and follow the Request link next to the item you are looking for (remember to sign in to LibrarySearch first): 

Overdue charges

There is an immediate overdue charge of £1 plus £1 per hour or part hour after that.


Philip Robinson Library has a self-service unit in the STC so you can issue your own books (either STC or General loans).

Walton Library has a self-service unit in the STC room for the loan and return of STC items only.

Please remember to take the receipt from the machine which shows the date and time the book is due back. All STC books should be returned on the unit in the STC area (not on other self-issue/return units in the library).

Help on Student Text Collection

Check out our FAQs on the STC or contact us via Library Help if you have any further question.