FAME: Why’s it so useful?

FAME is a library database that covers UK and Irish companies providing data for company accounts, ratios, activities, ownership and management.
We’ve put together a short video to give you 3 reasons why you might want to use the FAME database in your research.
There are many more reasons but these will get you started!

So many reasons to use FAME

  • To find company profiles, financials, credit scores…
  • To do a peer analysis of companies within the same sector
  • To create your own ‘company set’ based on your own chosen criteria, such as industry, number of employees, region….the list goes on!
  • To download your own data set for analysis to use in assignments
  • For your own career research, e.g. to find out more before an interview
  • Many professionals use FAME and other databases like it so you will be enhancing your own skills for employment – add it to your CV!

Where is it?

Image of the library company information guide
Company information guide

To access FAME follow the links from our Company information guide

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