From the 1 November 2019 the Faculty of Medical Sciences is changing. Three new research institutes support our research activity. They allow us to be responsive to global challenges.

A set of research themes unite researchers from different disciplines. They highlight our specialist knowledge and focus areas.

Find out more about our new research institutes and themes.

For information about our public engagement activities, please email Fms.engagement@newcastle.ac.uk

This is a blog of the former IGM Public Engagement Committee. It contains information about the events organised by the Committee in 2012-2019.


Welcome to IGM Public Engagement blog – the place where you can find out what is happening at the Institute of Genetic Medicine (IGM) and how YOU can get involved.

Based at the Centre for Life, the IGM is at the forefront of pioneering research which aims: “To harness genetic, developmental and cell biology to understand and treat human disease by developing and implementing new therapies”.

Through the IGM Public Engagement Committee, we hope to give the public a feel for some of the exciting research that is going on in the IGM and to give you the opportunity to discover and learn about the wider research themes being studied at the Institute. We have exhibitions and events which we run throughout the year which are a great opportunity for you to find out for yourself what cutting edge scientific and clinical research is happening here at the IGM.

We are always keen to engage young people in the Institute’s research as well, and run regular STEM events with the local schools as well as Open Days and hands on research events for A-level students.

Check out the links to see news of upcoming events and discover the latest developments taking place and details of how you can get involved.