Events 2017

Jarrow School visit 7th December 2017

On the 7th of December we were visited by 20 students from Jarrow School who had a look at the research and the labs, chatted with our scientists and attended the Christmas lecture at the Centre for Life.

Prof Mary Herbert at TEDMED November 2017

Prof Mary Herbert from the IGM was one of the presenters at the prestigeous TEDMED conference in California where she explained the cutting edge mitochondrial donation. The full presentation can be seen here.

Newcastle Rare Disease Showcase 31st October 2017

The IGM in collaboration with Findacure hosted the first Newcastle Rare Disease Showcase, aimed at scientists, clinical researchers and doctors working with rare conditions and interested in forming new collaborations and discussing drug screening and repurposing for rare diseases. For more information, please click here

BSA SciBar 23rd August 2017

Dr Lynsey Hall from the IGM was explaining genetics the fun way at the monthly SciBar organised by the British Science Association.

Biomedicine West Image Gallery 17th July 2017

Images explaining IGM research have been selected from a panel submitted by the IGM scientists and turned into lightbox art to decorate the IGM West Wing reception. For details and to see the images, please click here

BHF Supporters Day NE 7th July 2017

The Cardiovascular Research Centre helped organise the annual British Heart Foundation Supporters DayThe BHF supporters day, organised for local heart patients and their families. The day was held at the International Centre for Life and included tours around the cardiovascular labs at IGM to highlight our research.

John Walton Centre Student Work Experience Week 19-23rd June 2017

John Walton Centre at the IGM held an experience week for year 11-13 students, consisting of an introduction to biomedical research, an opportunity to talk to young and senior scientists, the chance to shadow post-doctoral and PhD students along with the observation of various experiments and lab work, all overseen by one central supervisor.

BSA SciBar 23rd May 2017

Dr Dorota Badowska from the John Walton Centre at the IGM talked about studying mental illness using mouse models at the monthly SciBar organised by the British Science Association.

Pint of Science 15-17th May 2017

The Pint of Science is an annual festival that delivers interesting talks on the latest science research in an accessible format – mainly across bars and pubs, providing a platform which allows people to discuss research with the people who carry it out and no prior knowledge of the subject. The main festival takes place annually over 3 days in the month of May and simultaneously in hundreds of venues across the world, including the UK, Ireland, France, Italy, USA, Spain, Germany, Brazil, Australia, Canada, Austria and South Africa. One of the themes in 2017 was “Our bodies” and the IGM researchers (including our director!) came to a local pub to present their projects and chat with anyone who fancied to find out more about their research to over a pint.

Bridging the Gap between Curriculum and Careers Business Breakfast’ 1st May 2017

Dame Allan’s Schools in Newcastle hosted a business breakfast event in partnership with the North East Local Enterprise Partnership across the region for schools and employers to look at GATSBY Benchmark 4, ‘Bridging the Gap between Curriculum and Careers.’  The event took place ahead of National Careers Week and National Apprenticeship Week (6th-10th March 2017) with the purpose to link schools, employers, higher education representatives and local enterprise work together to benefit students of the North East and to develop subject related careers ideas/links/resources that can be used back in schools/colleges during National Careers Week and beyond.  IGM Public Engagement Committee was invited to inform on the subject of Biology.

Bill Quay Primary School visit 25th April 2017

In April we had a visit from 30 children from year 5 (age 9-10) from Bill Quay Primary School in Gateshead. The children got a full tour of the Institute, took part in an informal “questions and answers” session about genetics (with prof Michael Briggs and Dr Kasia Piróg) and participated in some exciting hands on experiments. We all enjoyed a fun morning of science and experiments!

Genetics Matters 25th February 2017

3rd Genetics Matters, our flagship event emphasising the importance of rare disease research and the streghts of the North East genetics this year had >80 visitors and patient organisations from all over the UK, giving the memebrs of the public an opportunity to chat with the scientists, perform hands-on scientific experiments, hear the real stories of life with rare genetic diseases and find out how they can help advance research into some of these debilitating conditions. We also held a writing competition for local schools int eh North East around the theme of “Genetics”.

We love STEM 14th February 2017

Dr Michele Giunta, Dr Juliane Mueller and Prof Rita Horvath participated in the ‘We Love STEM’  event organised on the 14th of February at the Newcastle High School for Girls. The exhibition showcased some of the work that the girls were doing in STEM. STEM experts (computer science, engineering, chemistry, biology, physics) from Newcastle and Northumbria University and North East businesses were also invited to present their work.  The IGM team showed their zebrafish research and talked about the cutting edge mitochondrial research done at Newcastle.