Genetics Matters feedback

From the attendees:

  • “thought provoking”
  • “the presentations answered many questions, were useful and interesting, were clear and well organised”
  • “I would certainly consider attending future events hosted by the university”
  • “all speakers did a great job of diluting the information for non-scientists”
  • “it was a great day – so interesting and the scientists were all so engaging”
  • “I thought it was a brilliant day [..] all the topics were so interesting. Thank you.”
  • “Meet the scientists was refreshingly contrasted from [..] the talks”
  • “it was a very informative day”
  • “Fantastic day! Thank you to all the presenters and (young) researchers on the tables”
  • “Just wanted to say how useful we found this Genetics Matters day. [..] we saw very clearly how much work is being done on genetic conditions (and there must be huge crossover in breakthroughs from one study to another) and that progress however tiny is being made in some areas especially in diagnosis if not yet treatment. Our understanding certainly improved. I would also just like to say that we felt that the level of the day was pitched just right, scientific without being way over our heads (that’s not to say we fully understood every word!). Also, how inspirational, if heart-breaking the speakers were.”
  • “Great effort!”

From the presenters:

  • “Good and meaningful event” Prof Hanns Lochmüller (IGM)
  • “yet another great event” Valeria Chichagova (IGM)
  • “Thank you for inviting Muscular Dystrophy UK along to the Genetics Matters event last Friday. It gave us the opportunity to meet and talk to some new people. I thought that it went really well with a good mix of science and emotion” Sarah Clark (Muscular Dystrophy UK)
  • “great day” Prof Sir John Burn
  • “a fantastic day and glad to hear that people had soo much fun!” Harsh Sheth (IGM/QuantuMDx)
  • “It was excellent” Prof Patrick Chinnery (IGM)

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