Genetics Matters 23rd February 2019

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Some photos from the event


The format was very good and the cakes very moreish!! Participant

There is very little I would add to the event. Presenter

The Pop Up cinema was an excellent idea. The idea of involving patients and the general public is excellent. All praise to Newcastle intrying to involve people in topics that are very relevant to them but which they dont understand Patient

Thank you very much for the wonderful afternoon, it helped me a lot with deciding academic science and researches’ role in the practice of Medicine Participant

Thanks very much for organising this event and allowing me to join in, I thought it was really great. Presenter

A well organised, inspiring and informative event. A good mix of patients, medical researchers and others. I enjoyed learning from participants why they were there and what their interests were. Seems like there is a greater need for the various groups that engage with medical science to mix in forums such as this. Participant