September 2014 – Body Worlds exhibition at Centre for Life

Scientists from the Institute of Genetic Medicine hosted a series of exciting “Meet the Scientist” events at the world famous Body Worlds Vital exhibition at Centre for Life this autumn. We were at the exhibition every weekend in September, showcasing our research and explaining how it fits within a bigger picture of human health and development using the exhibits and our own research samples to illustrate what we do at the Institute. A brief agenda is shown below:

body-worlds-vital---the-exhibition-of-real-human-bodies-body-worlds-vital-life-science-centre-800x3606th September – mitochondrial diseases

7th September – heart function and disease

13th September – cartilage and bone development, aging and disease

14th September – hearing and vision

20th September – skeletal muscle function and disease

21st September – skeletal muscle disease patient referral systems and large research consortiums

27th September – Human Developmental Biology Resource

28th September – kidney function and disease

The event was a huge success, we were visited by over 1,000 people, and were inspired by many. Thank you all for volunteering to take part!